I’m not very good with the whole resolution thing. It isn’t that I lack the stick-to-it bit. It’s more that I’m a little contrary.

I like to do things on my own timetable.

This can cause the occasional issue with the husband. I swear, there are times I’m certain that the man lives in a parallel universe and only crosses over into mine when he wants to encroach on my pillow. He runs on his time (slow and scattered), and I run on mine (the OCD Express). The only time we’re in complete accord is when we’re evading my older brother’s attempts to maneuver us into traveling in lock-step. What can I say? We’re the babies of our respective families, and we’re used to getting our own way.

Still, I do have a certain amount of admiration for those who resolve to change their lives for the better when the clock strikes midnight on January first, and even more respect for the few who manage to tough it out past the tenth.

Like I said before, it’s not the doing that I object to. It’s the timing. The January 1st thing is just too…rigid for me. Why do we have to start doing the things we want to do when the calendar turns over?

I wrote the first line of my first book in September. I ran my first mile on a July day and smoked my last cigarette on April 3, 2011.  

Maybe I’m just a rebel, but I say do it now. Do it tomorrow. Do it on the third Friday in August. Try. Fail. Try again. Fail spectacularly. Give it one more shot. It doesn’t matter when you start. Just that you do.

My list is long and varied. A few of the highlights include writing two new novels (that’s the easy one LOL) and taking an actual vacation with my hubby (something we have never done without children). We might clash a bit in the planning process, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get it done. In our own time.

So…what’s on your to-do list this year?