Resets and shoveling

Like most people I have a reset button on my internal clock when a New Year approaches. It’s my time to celebrate days getting longer (I really do believe in SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder). The New Year is also my time to work off all the festivities from Thanksgiving and Christmas, and boy, was I festive this year! I took off some weight in 2015 (hey, did I accomplish a goal?) and I’m determined to keep going down and not up for 2016. My daughter even bought me a Fitbit for Christmas, which I kind of like, even if the darned thing acts like my mother.

I also live in Colorado. So during late December, January and February you can pretty much count on cold snowy weather. I love the change of seasons; I think I’d be lost without them. I also don’t mind the cold. I love bundling up with coat, hat, scarf and gloves, going outside (to combat SAD) and feeling the chill on my face. I walk the cutest little dog ever and being outside, particularly when days get so short around the winter solstice makes me feel alive.charley and raincoat

But you know what I do mind? Ice. And people not shoveling their walks or their drives. Because if you walk over snow, and the temperatures remain frigid, guess what happens? Their sidewalks and their driveways turn to ice.

Since another year has passed I’m keenly aware I’m not getting any younger. I also recognize that when I fall at this age compared to when I was a kid, one, I’m not going to bounce back up like I once did, and two, I’m probably going to do some damage.

Thankfully, most people are conscientious and get out and shovel their walks. And truthfully sometimes it’s a hopeless battle. Take yesterday for instance. I got out and shoveled my long drive with a snow shovel for exercise, and by the time I finished, here came another coat of snow.

Since I’m not going to leave notes on neighbors’ doors, I guess the main point of this blog is to whine. Or to take Laura Drake’s stellar advice that I saw on Facebook yesterday.


Tip to work more effectively. Stand up. Stretch. Take a walk. Go to the airport. Get on a plane to Key West. Never return. 

Isn’t that a great idea? Particularly when snow covered up my hard work and plenty of ice surrounds me. All right, maybe it’s a tad far-fetched. Otherwise she’s onto something. I think I’ll dream of returning in, say, late April, when it’s one of the prettiest times of year in Colorado. For right now, I’ll keep shoveling and avoiding the ice. Hope your start to 2016 is glorious. Happy January!