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Sexy Firemen! Just think of the awesome research potential! YIKES! I am so excited to have Jennifer Bernard here today for her first visit to our humble home on the internet. Help me give her a warm ENALR welcome as she tells us all about researching hunky firemen. Hard work, but somebody had to do it, I guess! I wonder if she needs some volunteer assistants to help with her research???

Since I write about sexy firemen, I’m all about the research.  I don’t come from a firefighter family, I’m not married to a firefighter; my only option is to roll up my sleeves and get to “work.” I’ve toured firehouses, I work with a “fire consultant/guru,” I’ve done research by Internet, email and phone.

I admit, there are worst jobs in the world. I’ve had more fun writing the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series than ought to be legal. I mean, it’s part of the job tracking down photos like this one, right?

But you never know what your research is going to reveal. In my most recent release, a prequel novella called ONE FINE FIREMAN, one of the characters is a cancer survivor. While I was researching the topic, I discovered that firefighters have a 100% higher risk of developing cancer than the general population. 100%!! This blew me away. On top of all the other dangers they face – fires and collapsing buildings and backdrafts – a higher risk of cancer hardly seems fair. But it makes sense due to the toxins firefighters are exposed to on the job.

Around the same time, I visited a firehouse in the real San Gabriel, California and met the Fire Chief. It turns out he had done his research too. He’d gone to the bookstore and bought both my books, read them, and decided the firefighting profession had nothing to fear from me. We had a great visit. I offered the firehouse a box of my books, which they eagerly claimed for their wives, sisters, girlfriends, who knows. Maybe some of them read THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME and HOT FOR FIREMAN. You never know!


And then the most amazing thing happened. Chief Nestor happened to mention that he was deeply involved in a group called the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. He himself was a cancer survivor and wanted to help other firefighters going through the same thing. A huge, enormous light bulb went off over my head. What if I could help spread the word about the group, thanks to the serendipitous presence of a cancer survivor character in my next book?

So that’s what we’re doing. A portion of my royalties for ONE FINE FIREMAN, for the lifetime of the book, will go to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, which is a grassroots, peer support organization. It makes me very happy to know that I’m doing something to help out; after all, firefighters do so much for us.

And to think that none of this would have happened without research!

If you’d like to read an interview with Chief Nestor, click here. If you’d like to know more about the group, click here. To read the first chapter of ONE FINE FIREMAN, click here.

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