Remembering The West

For the last three winters, we’ve spent time in Wickenburg, Az, roping and running barrels. This year, I took time to visit three pioneer cemeteries, and let me tell you, they don’t look like the cemeteries in the Northwest. There is no trimmed lawn or big headstones. The ground is rocky, but most of the graves, even the really old ones are tended.

The Eagle Eye Cemetery is located just north of the tiny town of Aguila, Az, at the base of Eagle Eye Mountain.


Here are some of the headstones and a little sitting area someone made beneath the only tree.



The Garcia Cemetery is at the end of downtown Wickenburg, and has some fairly recent headstones, along with the older ones. About half of the Graves are for the Garcia Family.


IMG_20160204_123839661 IMG_20160204_123858712 IMG_20160204_124059394

At least this baby has a name and date.

The Henry Wickenburg Pioneer Cemetery only has five graves, three in one monster concrete mausoleum, as far as I can tell. It is located in the center of a housing development in Wickenburg. The only access is a walkway between two houses.


I’ve visited several pioneer cemeteries before and am going to visit more in the future. What is your favorite cemetery, or do you make it a point to stay out of them?