Reliving the Sunday drive

Sunday was Mothers’ Day and it got me thinking about when I was a child and my father would take us out on a Sunday drive. He’d pick a spot on the map and we’d head off. Buchan West was memorable…there was a goat. That was it. No town sign. No sign at all. We were under-whelmed 😉 Still, it was good fodder for books.

The cowboy scratched his head again. “I guess if you include the ranches, it does. It’s surely bigger than Bow. Mind, just about everywhere’s bigger’n Bow.”

Disbelief flooded Josh as he remembered passing a rusty town sign. “That place with the tavern and nothing else?”

“Yup, that’d be Bow.”

I guess I really should have included the goat!

Another feature of these drives was the fact dad invariably got lost but strangely when he did we always ended up in one of two places…the dump/tip or the cemetry!

This was where I landed up on a bit of a ‘drive’ for Mothers’ Day and to give Boy Wonder some hours on his L’s. I just HAD to take a photo and I’ve called it, Mothers’ Day Refinery.” 😉


It was a heck of a tourist drive! To be fair, around the bend and another mile on, the sea was on the other side but the position of the sign tickled my funny bone.

Did your family go on Sunday drives? Do you still?


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