I was a little MIA, but with good reason though! I swear it.

I was writing, but also dealing with some health issues that will be resolved in the next month or so. Can I just say how I really dislike the gall bladder? And how those darn little mother ()#$(* stones can really mess with you.


However, in that time I was fighting off sickness with both myself and my daughter (who is now right as rain), I’ve been very productive.

I had my fifth book release from Harlequin Medicals.

It Happened in Vegas is the second book in the Army Brothers Duet. The 1st book Tortured by Her Touch is by the lovely Dianne Drake.










I also wrote a very hunky doctor for the New York City Docs quartet. Dr. Sam Napier was actually named #7 of the W.H. Smith’s hottest doctor of 2015 for Medicals. One Night in New York comes out September 2015 and it is the conclusion to the New York City Docs quartet which I share with Tina Beckett, Amalie Berlin and Lucy Ryder.

July 2015 sees the release of my Navy surgeons. Taming Her Navy Doc.

Taming her Navy Doc

Okay, doesn’t that girl on the cover remind you of Princess Diana?

Right now I’m writing my first Duet where it’s just me. My Montana Docs will be coming out, hopefully, February 2016.

And by August 1st I have to write my story for an upcoming continuity series that I’m REALLY thrilled to be a part of.

So yeah, I’ve been a little MIA, but I swear with just cause.

My summer will consist of BICHOK. How do you plan to spend your summer?