Real Life, Romance, and Growing Up

The weather here in California lately has been rather erratic. My daughter has been talking to a friend in another state and when he asked her how the weather was here she responded “Bipolar” which made me laugh.

My oldest daughter has a wicked sense of humor. I don’t always realize it, but in many ways she is very much like me. She got my little puns and double-entendres at a fairly early age, and I have to admit that I loved the fact that she did and began including her in my little inside jokes. It was then that I began to realize that she was just as twisted as I was!  The fact that she has big blue eyes and blonde hair and is the picture of innocence to any one who doesn’t know her doesn’t help!

Here’s an example of her sense of humor. The Baby got ahold of her phone the other day and began taking selfies of herself and “texting” random people in DD1’s phone. Imagine her dismay when she receives a return text from her first boyfriend FROM HIGH SCHOOL with a “wth?”! Oh, didn’t I forget to mention the fact that The Baby is African-American?! Yeah. But she answered him and they began having a conversation–a conversation that has lasted four days now–that consists of questions of truth or dare. One of his first questions to her was the request of a picture of her. So she sent him a picture of her big toe! Then he asked for one that was a little more risque so she sent him a picture  her god sister’s new boyfriend’s avatar, which is him laying in bed naked with a laptop over his unmentionables! Do you love her already?! I’ve been giggling over that one for a couple of days now…

I realized yesterday, however, that my baby girl has really grown up and I am not sure how to deal with it. We went dress shopping for the big premier of our film that is coming up June 1st. I found a cute little dress (emphasis on “little”) in  sparkly red and her friend found one that is all uneven layers and kind of an orangey-cantelope color. The red one was very cute and at only $10 dollars how could she NOT buy it, right? But it was the other one that made my jaw drop and I saw my daughter in a whole new light. The front of the dress is quite aways above the knee and when she slipped into her heels I realized my baby girl has legs all the way up to her neck and I suddenly saw what not too many of us have ever seen–an incredibly gorgeous little bombshell that has been hiding behind her regular attire of t-shirts and jeans! I think I stuttered–no, I’m pretty sure I stuttered! She’s going to knock those Hollywood people on their collective asses when she comes strolling up  the red carpet!

And then it hit me. OMG! My baby girl is a romance novel in the flesh! Think about it. Cute little girl next door who loves children and dogs just wants to find a nice guy and settle down and have a family. She answers an ad to be an extra in a movie–how fun would that be-and her best friend makes her go buy a fabulous dress and heels to go to the premier. Of course she balks but does it any way, secretly thrilled to feel pretty for once in her life. At the gala she meets tall, dark, and handsome movie star who can’t take his eyes off her, but at midnight she leaves and goes from Princess Cinderella back to practical Ella and no one knows who she is or where she came from… I think I could write this story! And if I don’t, I am sure there are others who have!

So for those of you out there with daughters–when did it hit you that your baby girl had suddenly grown up? Was it a gradual thing or did it hit you in the face one day like a prize-fighter’s fist?! I’m still in shock I think–I can’t get that image out of my mind! All I can think is if she sends a pic of herself in that dress to her old boyfriend, he may find a reason to move back to California after all!! And that story is now hovering in my head and circling and gaining weight… Is it wrong to make your daughter the heroine in a novel? I guess I will see…