Real life love stories are the best

Today is my wedding anniversary.  So much has happened between saying “I do” and today that it seems more like ten years than two.

My husband and I often say that we have the kind of relationship where it feels like we’ve been together forever. In the best way possible.

We were reminiscing about back when we were dating… how everything was new and exciting and a little scary. It was the stuff love stories are made from. In fact, my husband still wants to make a shirt that says, “I’m her HEA” and wear it when we go to RT 2014. Yes, he wants to go to RT with me. He says it sounds like fun…and it coincides with our anniversary next year. I think he just wants an excuse to eat beignets, but I could be wrong.

Those days of newfound love are fun to remember, but I wouldn’t want to go back there. What we were discovering back then, we now know. We’ve been through the ringer more than any couple should have to in the two years that we’ve been married. We’ve been tested and come out stronger for it. We’ve shared joy and I think we’re finally learning what Happily Ever After means. What for better or worse means. It’s still exciting. I still can’t wait for him to get home. He still makes my heart flip over. But there’s a steel spine under it all that holds us together. I am looking forward to the future, not because I think there will be no problems, but because of the problems we have faced together, I know I have a partner by my side.

That is the best kind of Happily Ever After.

And the best wedding picture ever:


Although I’m kinda fond of this one too: