Ready for some Spring!

My knee-jerk response for a favorite season is always summer. What’s not to love? Warm. Swimming. No homework. Watermelon. You can see what’s important to me.

But really, I’m leaning hard on Spring. Maybe it’s because Spring takes away the cold Winter. Things bloom in Spring (ignores allergies). The days get longer and automatically seem prettier. There’s just this freshness

Things get cleaned up—inside and out. Dh and I spent some time Monday afternoon doing some yard work. He cleaned. I prepped my garden. I’m trying to corner a weekend out of him to finish fixing the camper. It’s about that time to be loading up and taking weekend trips to the lake. Our first summer getting to do something like that. I can’t wait. He’s eyeing the bed in the house and wondering why we need to leave it.

Windows come open. Fresh air comes in. All the piles and piles of sweatshirts, undershirts, thick socks, long sleeves, and jackets become little mini puddles of shorts and t-shirts. Flip-flops replace winter boots!

Hot chocolate is replaced by Gatorade. Coffee is …. Okay, that doesn’t get replaced, but I’m open to trying some shake thing with whipped cream.

I find a raft to float on. Dh is hunting down fishing gear. Kites! Frisbees! Golf!

Yeah. I need to start rethinking my knee-jerk reaction to Summer.

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Also, I’m getting your early warning in. Monday is St. Patrick’s Day. Thank goodness I work from home—alone. Don’t forget to wear your green!!