Read any good books lately?

Every year, I volunteer to help judge the Romance Writers’ of America’s RITA awards. So a month ago, I got my eagerly anticipated “box of books.” No, I can’t tell you which books I got, or what authors I’m reading, but every year out of my 8 or so books that I have to judge, I find at least one new author that has me looking up their backlist, and adding them to Mount TBR. This year has proven no different.

reading smallThe book that I fell in love with this year is in a category I’d given up reading a while ago, possibly because I’d been reading too many of them. (Sorry, as a judge I’m bound to secrecy about what book or author, and I’m not even comfortable talking about what genre it’s in.)  But now I’m finding myself seeking out other books this particular author has written, and the book itself has found its way onto my keeper shelf.

But I thought I’d ask you, have you ever loved a genre only to get tired of it? Or picked up a book in a genre that you wouldn’t normally read but for some reason did and found you enjoyed it? Discovered any new-to-you authors whose backlist you’re now glomming?