Random Sunday

Today is only the second day of June and I am already longing for the cooler days of October to be here. Don’t get me wrong–I love all the things summer brings with it. Barbecuing in the back yard, swimming with family and friends, camping trips, and long evenings sitting on the porch with a cold drink and a good book in hand. What I don’t love is the heat.

I admit it–I am a cold-weather girl. I prefer cool days with maybe just a little nip in the air at night. I love hoodies and sweats and walks on the beach at sunset and a fire in the fireplace at the end of the day. I would love to live in the Northwest, maybe near Seattle or along the Oregon Coast. Anywhere, actually, that isn’t the Central Valley in summer.

The last time I blogged I mentioned the heat also. Can you tell what is on MY mind?!! Apparently this summer we are going to be blasted. The forecast for the next ten days calls for 95+ and this next weekend the temps will soar into the triple digit range. Damn, that’s HOT!! Normally we don’t hit those temperatures until mid July. I am one of the lucky ones–we have a built-in pool in which we can while-away the hottest part of the day, but cooking becomes the challenge on the hottest days. I have learned to be quite a good BBQ’er–I even make my own sauces! I cook everything outside on the BBQ–baked potatoes, fish, veggies–grilled asparagus is the bomb!! I even tried my hand at smoking salmon last year.

So this year I am trying to find inexpensive ways to eat cool and stay cool. I have been looking for recipes for salads, veggies, fruits, meats–things I can fix the family that are healthy and don’t require a lot of cooking! Or that I can fix on the BBQ. What does your family do to beat the heat? What are your favorite summer meals? Help a girl out, will ya?!!