Random Musings for the End of Summer

DSC04224On Monday, we take Number One back to college. But it will be different this year. We probably won’t even go near the school. Instead we’ll be in Allston, where her new apartment is. Of all the milestones that can “jar” a parent, this is the only one that’s really done it for me. I’ve already adjusted, but it’s all new territory for me! I never shared an apartment with three other people. I lived in the dorm until I graduated. And then there’s the Uhaul in city traffic on a day that tens of thousands of other college students are moving in, as well.

We load up her stuff (pleasepleaseplease let it all fit in the Uhaul!) on Monday and drive up to Massachusetts. Move her in Tuesday. Wednesday she starts classes. Super-tight timing. Everyone cross your fingers it works out okay! 🙂

Other stuff going on…

I’m sitting here almost shivering (my hands are icy) but I refuse to close my office window. This is perfect fall weather. Too bad it’s still only mid August. I’m not complaining! It’s been an overall gorgeous summer. But it feels like it’s over, way too soon. Number Two is already on her fourth day of school, and I know lots of areas of the country start early in August, but this is a week earlier than usual. I always hated that they started a week before Labor Day. This year it’s TWO weeks. The college starting early also means my husband doesn’t have his Chili Cookoff buddy for Labor Day weekend. 🙁

But I AM looking forward to fall. Football starts in two weeks, and a couple of weeks after that the fall TV season hits. We’ve had a quiet TV summer. Only, like, 5 shows? Royal Pains, Falling Skies, and The Last Ship were the only carryovers. We added Killjoys and Dark Matter and LOVED them both. I hope Killjoys gets reviewed. I haven’t loved a character as much as I love John Jacobi in a really long time. Dutch is pretty awesome, too. But there are some new shows coming that look pretty good. And by the time we get to them, I’ll need them! I’ve been working all day and late into the night for a while and need to break that cycle.

I’m also looking forward to a booksigning I’m doing on September 19 at Cupboard Maker Books, with Allison B. Hanson and Geri Krotow. I hope to have new print copies of Kira’s Best Friend. In the meantime, I’m making progress on Shadow Mission, the second book in my YA trilogy.

And oh, hey, one or two more days left for my most recent romantic adventure, Hearts Under Siege, to be on sale for only 99 cents. Like friends-to-lovers stories and espionage and secrets and stuff? This book might be up your alley. 🙂

So what’s going on for you with the transition of the seasons?