Random Acts of Kindness

So many things to talk about so little time to do so…  I’m not sure how the rest of the world approaches their blog page, but when I sit down at my computer to write I very seldom have a clear-cut idea of what I will be talking about until I place my fingers on the keyboard and begin to write.

Today is no different. I haven’t been here for a couple of weeks because I’m just not that smart to figure out that’s it’s Saturday and I should have posted here! Well, to be honest I worked the one Saturday and I was on vacation the week after that.  When I am not working I couldn’t tell you what day of the week it is! So yeah, I have been MIA .

I am working again today but my shift doesn’t start until about 1030 AM so I have some time to drink my coffee and scribble down a few words to catch you up on my life.

I will be working every Saturday from now until probably spring to catch up on all the bills that got behind while I was off on disability after my hand surgery. Last month I received ONE check–ONE. Well, I’m not sure about you but for me that meant the mortgage didn’t get paid because I had to keep the heat on and put food on the table. Then my friend got arrested and suddenly I had three teenagers to find places for over Thanksgiving while we sorted out her legal drama. Oh, and my Yukon lost the transmission when I tried to leave for work the other day so it’s parked with a non-op on it until I can afford to put a new transmission in it. So I will be working six days a week until further notice! I am grateful that I have a job where I can pretty much get all the over time I need–many aren’t that lucky.

Anyway. So I do have a couple of funny stories to share with you–my life isn’t all doom and gloom you know! But I have to share the drama so you can see the humor that goes along with it and why I remain sane…

My youngest daughter works at Walgreen’s just down the road from us.  When she works in the evenings I bring her dinner and sit with her in the car while she eats and we visit for her half hour break. The other night I made a chicken and rice dish that was tasty but just didn’t work for me. Since my gastric bypass I have found that things I use to eat with relish are often uneatable to me now, and this apparently was one of those dishes.

There is a Jack In the Box in the same shopping center as the Walgreen’s and I decided to go through the drive thru and grab something off the dollar menu for my dinner. I scrounged around in my car and my wallet for some change and a couple of dollars and headed toward the take-out window. There were a couple of cars in front of me and I was idly admiring the beautiful new Hyundai Sonata I was directly behind in line. It was immaculate and obviously the person who owned it took excellent care of it. I thought to myself how his car must be garaged nightly since there wasn’t a speck of grime on it, as opposed to my incredibly derelict little SUV covered in leaves and dirt from our recent rain storms. I had quit trying to clean the leaves off days ago since every time I did more just fell on the truck overnight. I just figured when the leaves were finally all gone I would just run it through the car wash or hope they just dried up and blow off on my way to work some morning.

So there I sat, feeling mildly envious about the guy in front of me and his  nice warm dry garage and lovely car, remembering when I was able to actually park MY car in the garage and how I can’t even park a moped in there now with everyone’s stuff stored there, and then it was my turn at the window. The young lady handed me my small bag of food but when I went to hand her the money she said “Oh, the man in front of you paid for it–have a nice evening!”. I was dumbstruck! I’ve heard of people doing that–paying for someone else’s Starbucks seems to be one of the most popular–but up until that evening had never had it happen to me. I smiled and told her thank you and drove off feeling all warm and fuzzy inside but then I began to wonder…

Did the guy pay for my food–which was all of about $4.00 worth of a hamburger and fries–because a) it’s the holiday season and he was feeling generous b) he’s just a nice guy and thought he would do something kind for someone or c) he saw how crappy my truck is and felt sorry for me and figured he should buy my food for me since I couldn’t afford to drive a decent vehicle I probably couldn’t afford the meal I was getting either! It was one of those “Wow that was really nice…. Hey!  Hmmm” moments! So now I don’t know whether to feel happy that someone was just paying it forward or if they were pitying me!

So what do you think? Pity or genuinely just being a nice guy? It could go either way really. And have you ever done something for someone for either reason? A friend of mine over at the Cherries is doing 25 Days of service. Every day she must find someone she can serve unselfishly. This is a real challenge for her because she is not an outgoing person in that sense and so she is really pushing herself out of her comfort zone. Her friends are helping her out by putting her in contact with people who need some kind of service, whether it is visiting an elderly person in the nursing home or  helping a mother with her kids while she shops. I think it is such a cool idea that I may get my girls together next year and do the same. Think how much good we could do working together!

I have more stories but I will save them for next time. And of course I have to ask–are you ready for Christmas yet?! Only 19 days left to get it all done!! No pressure–really!

Have a great weekend! I am off to drive a bus in circles. And wonder about the reasons behind random acts of kindness. Are they truly unselfish or done because of the gratification one gets for doing it? Or maybe its a little of both. Food for thought…