Puppies Rule, People Drool

What I do?

I must apologize. I know everyone is probably getting sick of hearing about my new puppy. But dang it. She’s just so darn cute and it was either a post about this sweet little stinker or early voting. Not going there!

We’ve already established how cute and energetic our newest addition is. But I haven’t mentioned just how smart she is. All I can say is we are in big trouble. LOL She learns faster than any dog we’ve ever had. And her personality surpasses that of even some people I’ve come across over the years.

For example, I call my son down for dinner and off she goes to meet him. She already knows his name. Heck, she knows every family member and reacts differently to each one. I’m the enforcer, so I get lots of the “oh, man. Why can’t I do that?” looks. My oldest is the second in line of authority and the one puppy actually listens to. (Future doggy trainer. LOL) Middle daughter is puppy’s playmate. They go outside and swing together every night till it’s dark. And my poor son. Well, he’s puppy’s toy. LOL She rolls around on the floor with him, chases him all over the house, nipping at his toes, and has more fun with him than any puppy ever should. I’ve never laughed so hard. Not sure what she considers hubby yet. She’s excited to see him, but all she gets is a grunt or two in response, so I think she’s still a bit confused.

When she’s tired, she heads off to her kennel, which has become her safe place. If she needs to go outside, which is like every ten to twenty minutes, she jumps halfway up the back door, knocking the blinds for a loop. (New door with doggie door on order right now!) Her favorite past time is sitting half inside and half outside. Thank goodness it’s been cool lately.

One thing is for sure. We are in great need of some puppy discipline. Take a look at my living room! I pick it up, she drags it back out. Boy, does it bring back memories from when the kids were little. We’ve bought our new friend all kinds of toys from Petco. The cute, soft, fluffy kind. The rubber bones and chew things. But no. She likes to dig in the backyard and bring in her own toys or just help herself to objects around the house. (I draw the line at anything living.) We have hair brushes, lids, foam bullets, rocks, bricks, logs, old plastic flower pots, pieces of tile from when the house was built over twelve years ago, metal sprinkler heads, shells( I have no idea where these are coming from), and then there are the bottles I filled with beans to use when we were potty training. Yep, she really likes those noisy things! Hey! Whose idea was that? I seem to remember someone here on the blog suggesting this one. LOL

I’ve come to the conclusion, this is no ordinary puppy. She doesn’t run, she bounces. She doesn’t bark, she talks. She doesn’t play, she strategically plans her attacks and then pounces. LOL I feel like I’m in that movie “Cats and Dogs” – A look at the top-secret, high-tech espionage war going on between cats and dogs, which their human owners are blissfully unaware of.

Now I admit, I’m a bit worried. What is this dog going to be like all grown up? The adventures will be endless.  🙂