Promo the bane of my existence

854Good morning ENALR. I’m both excited and in trepidation because in November I have a new book out. Yes, I’m “mostly” excited, but I would never insert promotion into The Sound of Music’s “These are a few of my favorite things.” In the back of my mind I hear my mother saying, “Names of fools are like their faces, always seen in public places.”

Good grief, my mother would faint if she had access to Facebook. Anyway, this brings me back to you. I had to write a newsletter, and I thought, well, it’s my day to blog, why not ask if this letter screams fool, vanity or over the top look at me. Promo, it’s a necessary evil, I realize that — but are there people who actually enjoy it? Happy reading and writing!

My newsletter:

Dear Readers and Friends:
I just flipped to my to-do list, saw that it was October 27th, and realized that in a few days, we’ll have little ghosts and goblins on our doorsteps. Where does the time go?
I know where mine went. In September I attended the Writers Police Academy in North Carolina, and the rest of the year, my days were filled with what I love most―storytelling. Also, I received the great news that DEADLY RECALL is a 2014 EPIC finalist in the Suspense/Thriller category.


Lots of good news surrounds my first two releases.

Betrayed - 600x900x300But the book I’m anxious to tell you about is called BETRAYED. Betrayed has a new cast of characters, a new locale (Denver) but ideally contains the same heart-stopping emotion and suspense.

An emotionally riveting suspense about stolen innocence, cold-blooded conspiracy, and an act of betrayal that strikes at the heart of our most precious bonds.

If you enjoyed THE PAST CAME HUNTING and DEADLY RECALL, I hope you’ll check out BETRAYED, release date, November 18, 2013 in all forms, and now available for preorder on Amazon Kindle.  Click HERE

Also, I love hearing from you. I’m available for book clubs and speaking events. Please contact me via my website or follow me on Facebook  or Twitter or Goodreads.

That’s it from me for a while.  I hope you enjoy a glorious fall and the rest of 2013.


Donnell Ann Bell