Progress in the Midst of Chaos

The school year is winding down. Finally. I think there are about twenty days or so left.

My kids are about to bust a gut trying to hang on till the last day of school. It’s kinda of comical to watch. LOLThe End

Even with all the chaos, I’m happy to report I’ve finally managed to write those two wonderful words on a story I’ve been working on all year. The End. Man that feels good to write it down again!

I’ve been writing on several different stories this past year, but couldn’t get one to really take off. That is until I forced myself to pick one and then dig my heels in. My biggest breakthrough came when driving the 3 hours to visit my oldest at college. She’s almost done with her freshman year and it’s already time to start moving her home. Talk about a chore! But the drive was just what I needed to get the creative juices flowing. I was stuck on the ending. I had written one, but didn’t like it at all. And then wham! It came to me. “Jimmy’s not dead!”

I’m sure the other drivers were wondering what was wrong with the crazy lady in the gold truck. I was so excited I probably should have pulled over. LOL Once I had this revelation, the rest of the pieces just fell into place and now I’m really, really happy with the ending. Man, I love this writing process!

It’s been such a long stretch since I finished my last book I’d forgotten what a wonderful rush it is.  🙂  Now I feel like that little kid who says “Do it again! Do it again!” after they’ve just been tossed high into the air by their crazy relative. Yes, I want to “Do it again! Do it again!”

It’s so addictive!

Throw in the fact my second book, Target of Betrayal has been included in this awesome boxed set, Kick Ass Heroines and Hot Heroes, and I’m really on cloud nine right now. The reason I love to write is crystal clear. Now if I can just hang onto this awesome feeling I might be able to finish another one before the year is up. That’s my goal anyway.

Here’s a link to the boxed set if you’d like to check it out: Kick Ass Heroines & Hot Heroes.  It’s on sale now for a limited time for the awesome price of only $.99 cents. Who knew these boxed sets would be such a big hit.

Boxed Set

A collection of romances that will thrill and captivate readers

with their strong heroines and oh-so-hot heroes.