Privacy vs Time


Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.    Marlon Brando

Missys Ipod 2 790

Yes, I admit it. I am guilty of hiding from my kids and even my hubby on occasion. But don’t dare tell them, because I’ll deny it! LOL

You know, sometimes a mom/dad just has to do these things in order to survive. It doesn’t make us a bad person or a bad parent. The first lesson I learned after having three little ones under foot was “my time” was no more. Shoot, since I’m being honest here, mommies can’t even find privacy in the bathroom. I used to think this would pass as they got older and more independent. But even now as teenagers and college age young adults, they need undivided attention, when they want it of course, and will do just about anything to get it.

Trust me. I’ve tried to find ways around it. There are none.

Now that I think back, finding moments to myself may have been easier when mine were younger. At least I could put them down for a nap. But they’ve outgrown naps. And they’re much smarter too, going into search mode when I disappear for a few moments. I have a heck of a time finding those precious moments of solitude.

Well, they might be older and wiser now, but so far they haven’t found my secret spot in the house yet. (Insert evil laugh here.) It’s dark, quiet and although when I’m not reading on my Kindle I have to wear a baseball cap to use hubby’s cap flashlight, and squish myself way back in the corner, it is absolute heaven. And no, I can’t dare tell you where it is. They might read this post!  🙂

Now how sad is that! LOL

I know someday soon I will be wishing there was someone, anyone to distract me. My kids will leave and start lives of their own and my once chaotic house will fall way too silent. Sure wish there was some kind of happy medium here. But the truth is, life goes on and time stands still for no one.

So what’s the best place you’ve ever found to read without distraction? Or how about the most creative place you’ve found to carve out some much needed privacy?