I know I know–I totally missed blogging last week! I participated in the Bus Roadeo and then ended up spending the weekend at the ranch where, as I believe I have mentioned before, there is no internet. So I am writing this blog TODAY, on Friday, so that I can be sure that it will post for Saturday. I am actually ahead of the game for once! Yay me!

First off, let me just inform you that as of 1:40 PM PST I was officially ON VACATION!! Apparently last December when we had to bid for our vacations I picked this next week for mine. And I had no clue! My friend had put in for a day off and was denied so she went into operations to find out why and saw my name on the vacation list or I would have never known! I would have shown up on Monday like a big dork and everyone would have been “Um, what are you doing here?”!

So I was laying on my bed, relaxing after a long day reading my Nook when my phone rang. It was my oldest daughter’s best friend, one of my “adopted” girls, and I could tell by her voice something wasn’t right. She said her boyfriend had been in a bad wreck on the freeway and could I take her to him? I grabbed my shoes and keys and flew out the door. Of course the traffic on the freeway was all backed up–apparently there was an accident on the southbound side as well as the northbound side, which was where we were heading. She was a basket case–fortunately his best friend, my younger daughter’s ex (why yes, I DO live in a soap opera, why do you ask?) was working down at my transit station doing security and he took off and got there right away and stayed with Josh until he was sure he was all right. The tow truck had his Dodge Ram hooked up by the time we finally got through all the traffic. I felt bad–he has only had the truck a couple of months and now I am sure it is totaled. The front end was all mangled, bumper hanging, tires flattened. We got him and all his gear into my Yukon and all I could think was “thank God he is okay!” as his girlfriend hugged him tight.

Of course there are going to be issues for him. How is he going to get to work now that his truck is out of commission? His insurance company has been giving him the run-around and so he isn’t even sure if his insurance is any good. Who is at fault? It was a 4 car chain reaction and he was the last vehicle in that chain. If the insurance totals his truck, will he get enough back to put a down-payment on another vehicle? The air bag on his truck didn’t deploy–is there a re-call on that or was the dealer he bought it from shady? So many questions and none of the answers will be easy to come by.

Yet through it all I just couldn’t help but think that none of it really mattered. What mattered was the fact that this young man, who I love as if he were my own, was still in one piece. He wasn’t hurt badly–wrenched shoulder from the seat belt snapping him back–and some sore muscles and small contusions but nothing some Tylenol, and ice pack, and some rest won’t cure. My daughter’s friend didn’t lose the love of her life tonight. His mom did not lose a son. Everyone walked away from this accident with some vehicle damage and little else, and believe me, it could have been a lot worse.

Priorities. It all comes down to that one word. What are your priorities? My priority tonight was taking a scared young woman to make sure her boyfriend was okay–she was afraid to drive herself and reached out to me. I had other places I was supposed to be this evening, but that wasn’t important when it came to the larger scheme of things. I was needed where I was at and that is all that mattered.

How do you figure your priorities? What, or whom, comes first in your life? What is important? I think my girl is evaluating how important this young man is to her after tonight. She is often cavalier about their relationship, but I saw the fear in her eyes when I picked her up.

I keep reading on Facebook things like “Make time for those you care about because you never know when they won’t be there” and “If you love someone, let them know. Don’t wait, because it may be too late to tell them.” Make it a priority.