Visiting Authors

Check out this great list of friends and authors who have visited us. Click the link and read what they had to say.


Sarah Andre, author of Locked, Loaded, and Lying [Guest Post]

Liz Flaherty, author of Every Time We Say Goodbye [Guest Post]

Michelle Major, author of Recipe for Kisses [Guest Post]


Alina K. Field, author of Liliana’s Letter [Guest Post]

Michelle Major, author of A Second Chance at Crimson Ranch [Guest Post]


Sandra Jones, author of Her Wicked Captain [Guest Post]

Kim Sanders, author of The Ex Lottery [Guest Post]

Eve Gaddy, author of Cry Love [Guest Post]

Jamie K. Schmidt, author of Heat and The Queen’s Wings [Guest Post]

Misty Simon, author of the Ivy Mysteries [Guest Post]

F.J. Thomas, author of Lost Betrayal [Guest Post]

Sabrina York, author of Defiant [Guest Post]

Fiona Lowe, author of Fiona Lowe’s Weddings anthology [Guest Post]

Karin Tabke, author of The Chronicles of Katrina [Guest Post]

Inez Kelley, author of Take Me Home [Guest Post]

Linda Lael Miller, author of Big Sky Secrets [Interview]


Cheryl Gorman, author of The Judge and the Heiress [Guest Post]

Abbi Wilder [Guest Post]

Vickie King, author of Carly’s Rule [Guest Post]

Adele Downs, author of Santa to the Rescue [Guest Post]

Kelsey Browning, co-author of “The Grannie Series” [Guest Post]

Parker Kincade, author of Shadow of Sin [Guest Post]

Kelly Moran, author of The Dysfunctional Test [Guest Post]

Connie Cox, author of Contractually Yours, [Guest Post]

Abbi Wilder, contributing author to The Mammoth Book of ER Romance [Guest Post]

Alina Adams, contributing author to The Mammoth Book of ER Romance [Guest Post]

Patti Shenberger, contributing author to The Mammoth Book of ER Romance [Guest Post]

Avery Aster, author of Unscrupulous [Interview]

A. Catherine Noon, author of Tiger Tiger [Guest Post]

Angela Campbell, author of On the Scent [Guest Post]

Theresa Rizzo, author of He Belongs to Me [Guest Post]

Polly Iyer, author of Hooked [Guest Post]

Tracey Lyons/Tracey Sorel, Author of Zinfandelity [Guest Post]

Cathy Perkins, Author of For Love or Money [Guest Post]

Stephanie Berget, Author of Sugarwater Ranch [Interview]

Barb Myers, Author of The First Time Again [Guest Post]

Lauren Smith, Author of Blood Moon on the Rise [Guest Post]

Candice Gilmer, Author of Under His Nose [Guest Post]

Fiona Lowe, Author of Saved by the Bride, [Interview]

Lisa Black, Author of Blunt Impact [Guest Post]

Barb Han, Author of Gone [Guest Post]

Sara Walter Elwood, Author of Gambling on a Secret [Guest Post]

Liz Flaherty, Author of Jar of Dreams [Guest Post]

Jane Sevier, Author of Fortune’s Fool [Guest Post]

Meg Lacey, Author of The Sparrow and the Hawk [Guest Post]


Voirey Linger, Author of Embracing Eternity [Guest Post]

Leah Braemel, Author of I Need You for Christmas [Guest Post]

PG Forte, Author of Finders Keepers [Guest Post]

Caitlyn Nicholas, Author of Drive Me to Distraction [Guest Post]

Sandra Jones, Author of Her Christmas Night [Guest Post]

Chandra Ryan, Author of Bond Betrayed[Guest Post]

Jennifer Bernard, Author of One Fine Fireman [Guest Post]

Susanna Fraser, Author of An Infamous Marriage [Guest Post]

JL Hilton, Author of Stellarnet Prince [Guest Post]

Sandra Jones, Author of Moonlight Madness [Guest Post]

Misty Simon, Author of What’s Life Without the Sprinkles? [Guest Post]

Susan Boyle, Author of Lowcountry Boil [Interview]

Nancy Martin, Author of No Way to Kill a Lady [Guest Post]

Lanie Jordan, Author of Breed of Innocence [Guest Post]

Debra Kayne, Author of Rodeo Rebel [Interview]

Lynn Raye Harris, Author of Captive but Forbidden [Guest Post]

Kim Sanders, Author of Shades of Gray [Guest Post]

Silver James, Author of Blood Moon [Guest Post]

Beth Cornelison, Author of Trust in Me [Guest Post]

Kristan Higgins, Author of Somebody to Love [Interview]

Elaine Viets, Author of Final Sail [Guest Post]

Delilah Dawson, Author of Wicked as They Come [Guest Post]

Julie Anne Lindsey, Author of Bloom [Guest Post]

Tamara Morgan, Author of Love is a Battlefield [Guest Post]

Barbara White Daille, Author of The Rodeo Man’s Daughter [Character Interview]

Katie Reus, Author of His Secret Past [Guest Post]

Kate Douglas, Crystal Jordan, Lynn LaFleur, Authors of Nightshift anthology [Interview]

Melanie Atkins, Author of Quest for Justice [Guest Post]

Rachael Johns, Author of One Perfect Night [Guest Post]

Vivian Arend, Author of Rocky Mountain Haven [Guest Post]


Jenny Schwartz, Author of “Wanted: One Scoundrel” in A Clockwork Christmas [Guest Post]

Lucianne Rivers, Author of Entice Me [Guest Post]

Darlene Gardner, Author of The Christmas Gift [Guest Post]

Ruth A. Casie, Author of Knight of Runes [Interview]

Kristan Higgins, Author of Until There Was You [Interview]

Kieran Kramer, Author of If You Give a Girl a Viscount [Guest Post]

Melanie Atkins, Author of Shield of Valor [Guest Post]

Donnell Ann Bell, Author of The Past Came Hunting [Guest Post]

Barbara Longley, Author of Heart of the Druid Laird [Guest Post]

Betsy Horvath, Author of Hold Me [Guest Post]

Lucianne Rivers, Author of Thrill Me [Guest Post]

Suzan Harden, Author of Zombie Love [Guest Post]

Adrienne Giordano, Author of A Just Deception [Guest Post]

Nalini Singh, Author of Archangel’s Blade [Interview]

Jennifer L. Armentrout, Author of Half-Blood [Guest Post]

Jennifer Bray-Weber, Author of Blood and Treasure [Interview]

Joely Sue Burkhart, Author of Golden [Guest Post]

Carly Phillips, Author of Serendipity [Interview]

J.D. Faver, Author of Badlands [Interview]

Rae Renzi, Author of RiverTime [Guest Post]

Darynda Jones, Author of First Grave on the Right [Interview]

Jeffe Kennedy, Author of Feeding the Vampire [Guest Post]

Susan Mallery, Author of Only Mine [Interview]

Inez Kelly, Author of Turn It Up [Interview]

Leah Braemel, Author of Tangled Past [Guest Post]

Will Graham, Author of Street Heat [Interview]

Tess St. John, Author of Second Chances [Guest Post]

Leigh Duncan, Author of The Daddy Catch [Guest Post]

Kristan Higgins, Author of My One and Only [Interview]

Melissa Ecker, Author of Giving Up the Ghost [Interview]

C.C. Hunter, Author of Born at Midnight [Interview]

Sandra Edwards, Author of Broken Wings/Vegas Baby [Interview]

Lynn Roberts, Author of Creative License [Interview]

Kate Douglas, Author of Wolf Tales 11 [Interview]


Tawny Weber, Author of “A Babe in Toyland” in It Must Have Been the Mistletoe… [Guest Post]

Lynn Raye Harris, Author of Chosen by the Sheikh [Guest Post]

Monique Martin, Author of Out of Time [Guest Post]

Delilah Devlin, Author of Darkness Captured [Guest Post]

Autumn Jordon, Author of Evil’s Witness [Guest Post]

Frances Stockton, Author of Sea Captain’s Ghost [Guest Post]

Betsy St. Amant, Author of Rodeo Sweetheart [Guest Post]

Michelle Hauf, Author of Her Vampire Husband [Guest Post]

Leigh Duncan, Author of The Officer’s Girl [Guest Post]

Jennifer Haymore, Author of A Touch of Scandal [Interview]

Louisa Edwards, Author of On The Steamy Side [Interview]

Nancy Martin, Author of Our Lady of Immaculate Deception [Guest Post]

Victoria Dahl, Author of Lead Me On [Guest Post]

Christi Barth, Author of Carolina Heat [Guest Post]

Helen Scott Taylor, Author of The Phoenix Charm [Interview]

Kris Kennedy, Author of Irish Warrior [Interview]