Pinning down the time

I’m in the middle of writing book 2 in The Grady Legacy, a new western trilogy for Carina Press. It’s a brand new world (for me) with new characters who work at different jobs and live in a different part of the world from me. Which means lots and lots of research. And since I’m very visually inspired, I tend to paste a lot of pictures to Pinterest to remind me when I’m editing later.

Like when I mentioned in Slow Ride Home (book 1) that my heroine had noticed that the hero had graduated summa cum laude from Texas A&M, I had to check whether the A&M graduation diploma noted if they’d graduated Summa Cum Laude. (It does.) But I also found a picture in my travels that the honors graduates get to wear a gold sash with their cap and gown. So yup, there’s a picture pinned to my Slow Ride Home board.

Since the heroes own a ranch, I’ve gone in search of pictures to pin of cowboys, and ranches, and recently I researched architectural styles so there were a lot of pictures of houses (for use not only with this Work-in-Progress but future ones too.)  Horses and cattle of course. Even what type of hats my characters might wear. Hair styles. Clothing. You name it. Which means I have a lot of pins.

“So Leah, I see the research boards you have, but are you really claiming all those pictures of cute kitties and puppies on your boards are also research for your book?”


Okay, so yes, I tend to post a lot of non-research stuff too. Sometimes looking at pictures on one webpage, lead me to another. OR I accidentally pin it to the wrong board which leads me to Pinterest itself and all of a sudden instead of looking at my own boards, I’m looking at the pins other people have pinned…and … well, now there are boards for recipes I’ll never make but seriously want to. One day. If I ever manage to drag myself away from my keyboard and re-discover the way to my kitchen.  And there may be a few DIY jewellery designs for one day when I actually have time to sit down and do something non-writing related. (Does such a time exist?)  (No, jewellery isn’t spelled wrong, that’s how we spell it here in the great white north.) Then there are the man-candy pictures. But you know, I think I can seriously argue that those guys inspire me when writing.

Which leads to your next question, “Leah? Shouldn’t you be spending more time on writing than pinning?”

Yeah, you’re right. Ooh, look—I need to post that ecard to my “Totally Me” board! - Checked email, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Ready to start my day. Oh look, it's lunch time.(Tell me it’s not just me who gets sucked into Pinterest. Pleeeeeaaase!)

And if you’re hooked on Pinterest too, feel free to browse my boards. I’m not enabling you. Honest.