Phobias…I Have a Few

Before we get going today, the hearts and prayers of the ENLAR ladies go out to the people of Moore, Oklahoma. The devastation and loss defy descriptions. We’ll keep you in our thoughts. 


Very late last night, I decided to jump into the shower before I hit the sheets. I’d cleaned house all day and needed a little “freshening up.”  Hubby had gone to bed about twenty minutes before me and had already achieved dream lift-off. (Let me just add that Hubby could have gone to bed twenty seconds before me and be asleep! I need a stopwatch to time how long it takes for him to fall asleep.) As I lifted my face toward the water, a HUGE (and I mean HUGE!) spider waved one of his long legs at me from the bathroom ceiling. I started hollering for Hubby. I don’t usually have a spider phobia (although I’ll confess there is no love loss), but being naked and wet with nothing to kill it with left me feeling a little defenseless. My knight got out of bed (dress in nothing but white boxer briefs) with his sword to defend me (okay, it was a shoe, not a sword, but I tell lies for a living!) WHAM! A minute later, the toilet flushes. I’m safe.

But spiders aren’t my biggest phobia. I can smash a spider. For me, it’s snakes. Unfortunately, Hubby tells me that we have a big one near our dock, or at least he’s seen it a few times. AND it’s a BAD snake. We’re thinking it’s a water moccasin. Very poisonous and deadly. You’d think with two dogs in our yard that snakes would find a more receptive yard. If he continues to hang around, he’ll be D-E-A-D. Couldn’t happen to a better snake!

As bad as that snake is, take a look at this…

python1 This is an 18′ 8″ PYTHON killed in Florida this week. Weighed 128 pounds. Want to read about how the guy pulled it from the bush with his bare hands? Click here  I’ll be honest…I could not lie beside this snake even after death! EEK

So you have a phobia you’d like to share?