Paying for Social Media?

I just returned from Denver for my monthly meeting of Rocky Mountain Mystery Writers of America and knew it was my time to blog, but in truth, we’re getting ready to list our house. I’ve been tossing and painting and cleaning, oh my! It’s been a huge undertaking, and my brain is slightly on a higher plain than a bowl of mush.

So I sat down and scrolled down what’s trending in cyber space and stumbled upon a poll that asked if I would pay .99 cents to belong to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest and some of the other social media out there. (Now, I’m not clear if that meant a one-time fee…or .99 cents a week, month, or every time you log on. Can you imagine the cost if that were the case?)

Quite frankly, I think this would be a disaster if social media business went in that direction. Don’t they have advertisers? Seems to me every time I long on anywhere, I’m bombarded by an ad(s). Already I’m getting turned off of Facebook on my author page because it prohibits what people can see, and I suspect that applies to my friend page as well. So, I took the poll, which rather surprised me. Because I think a lot of people LOVE social media. I know as long as it’s free, I enjoy logging on to see what people are up to. But I have yet to join because they want $7.95 a month.

I read today that Twitter’s revenue fell short of analyst estimates by more than $1 billion and took a hit of more than 17 percent. And though Google and Yahoo still remain free, they’re getting less and less user friendly and definitely less customer service oriented. Since Amazon’s acquisition of Goodreads, a new readers group has sprung up called Booklikes. Competition anyone? And does Goodreads have such a foothold – is Booklikes even relevant? How is Shelfari doing?

Blink, and a new social media appears, and I think the market share can only support so much. By the way, I took the poll and it appears when it comes to social media, I’m not alone in balking at paying for social connections. Asked if they would pay to belong to a particular social media 75 percent of poll takers responded with no, they would not.
Do you belong to How about Do you love social media so much that you would pay .99 to belong? My slightly on a higher plain than a bowl full of mush still has enough synapses firing to be curious.