Paying For Pleasure…

I have had two cups of coffee already and enough caffeine to float a ship. I love Saturday mornings! I was MIA last week but I am here today prepared to share my little adventure from the last time I was here of our visit to the Mustang Ranch, the world-famous brothel located in Storey  County, Nevada just outside of Sparks.

The husband and I were surprised that the Ranch was so close–it was only a 15-minute drive from our motel in Sparks. It doesn’t look like much when you arrive–electric gates at the driveway entrance tells me that they take their security seriously, as does the 6 foot high fence surrounding the main hall/restaurant, the actual original Mustang Ranch main building, and the cabins all around it.  There is a large parking lot to the right of the gates that welcomes truckers to the ranch and gives them permission to leave their trucks running all night as needed.

We walked in and after our eyes adjusted to the dark  we saw a few girls sitting in the bar/restaurant clad in rather skimpy outfits. The perimeter of the room had deep booths upholstered in deep red velour material and leather.   A couple of girls were chatting with men  while others just sat at tables waiting for customers to arrive. My husband, bless his heart, seemed immune to all that naked flesh and asked the barkeep about lunch. We were informed that we could sit wherever we chose and he would serve us. We also asked about a tour and he told us that was the girls’ department.

We sat down and ordered some food. One of the ladies heard our question and came over to our table and introduced herself to us. Her name was Iyanna and she told us she would be happy to give us a tour while they fixed our lunch. She was  an absolutely gorgeous young woman of color and we jumped at the chance for a tour!

She led us to a big steel door and entered a code into the keypad and we entered the inner sanctum.   It looked like a man’s room for sure–the walls were covered with trophy heads of various animals that the owner had hunted over the years and some that his friends had donated to the Ranch.  The room was fairly dark with a long line of comfortable leather chairs facing a mirrored wall. There was a huge fireplace to the left and Iyanna explained that this was where customers were greeted and they were able to see the girls. There were doors on either side of the mirrored wall and she said they came out and lined up in front of the mirror so the gentleman could meet them and make his choice of a companion for his visit.  Once he had made his choice, if the woman was agreeable there were two rooms set up for negotiations.This is done in private, a price is determined for the services he wishes to pay for, and they go off to the woman’s room or somewhere else in the Ranch for some “play time” as she calls it.

Each woman has her own room to decorate as she wishes. There are also general areas they can use as well but some are for play and some are just for a little foreplay–no hanky panky allowed!  She showed us a room that was for private shows where the guy just wanted to watch…  They have a fetish closet as well and a toy chest.

Whet I found interesting was how matter-of-fact she was about everything. She was dressed in a very short negligee and wore stilettos as she walked us through the halls and past the outdoor pool and hot tub area. She was very comfortable in her body and though she was pretty she wasn’t perfect. Many of the girls I saw were the same–none were show girls or models–they were just women of different ages, sizes, and race and each one quite comfortable in her own skin.

According to Iyanna there is very little turn-over at the Ranch. There are about 70 girls employed and they work 12 hour shifts when they are on duty. The shortest time  there is about two weeks or they can stay for up to 5-6 weeks. After that they go home for a while then return.  She lives in Texas herself and flies to Nevada about every 6 weeks to work.

We were both surprised to hear they don’t live at the Ranch all the time. Another interesting feature are the cabins which they rent out by the night. Anyone can stay in them and have full use of the properties general areas, and at around $50 bucks a night they are reasonably priced as well.  There is a doctor’s office on grounds where the girls go for weekly check ups. Mandatory blood-testing is performed monthly. Any gentleman that wishes to hire any of the ladies is also examined for any STD’s and condoms are required for any sexual activities.

Our tour ended back in the bar where our food was waiting for us. Iyanna gave us each a big hug and a Pleasure menu. She also gave me her card in case we needed anything else. My hubby tipped her well since the tours are free and the website suggests a little compensation for the lady who assists you is much appreciated.

Our lunch was very good–we both ordered hot sandwiches and they were very generous in their serving size and reasonable on their prices.  I sat in a booth that was obviously built for two to share as they semi-reclined and were quite deep. While we ate a lady decided to get a little pole-dancing practice in and started working the pole near the entrance. Good food and free entertainment–what more could one ask for?!

I was incredibly impressed with the Mustang Ranch. It was nothing like I pictured it to be. It was clean, smelled good, and very comfortable. The ladies were courteous and normal–they just choose to make their living catering to other’s pleasures. I was a little challenged when we talked because the topics were not ones I felt exactly comfortable discussing with a total stranger but I decided to just go with the flow and asked questions and tried to open myself up to the answers. It turned out to be a really great experience all-in-all.

The entire time we were there I kept thinking what a great story I could write with the Ranch as a back ground. And research would be a lot of fun–I felt very comfortable with the ladies!! A return trip is very likely!

We left there with a favorable impression of the world’s oldest profession. We even discussed the possibility of staying at the Ranch next time we decided to take a weekend trip to Nevada.

So what do you think? Prostitution is illegal in 49 states with Nevada being the only one where it is allowed. The rules that the girls have to follow are very strict to ensure their safety and health for themselves and their clients. However, prostitution exists everywhere. Would it be better to legalize it and impose the same health and safety codes that Nevada enforces or continue to treat it like a crime?  Opinions please.20160220_130715