Packing Panic!

So…by the time you read this, I may well be underway on my grand adventure. With some stops along the way:
We’ve taken the kids out of school, tucked in the housesitter and are driving west to the Midwest where we shall leave our children plus eight days worth of luggage (which, in a family of five, means at least 80 socks) for two weeks.

THEN, my husband and I fly to China for them thar two weeks.

THEN, we come BACK to the midwest, gather the sons (but NOT the 8 days’ worth of luggage!) and drive back home.

THEN, I catch up with some of you at the Annual Reader-Author Get-Together in Cincinnati, OH. I’ll be the jetlagged one faceplanted in her nachos at the hotel bar.

THEN, we have one week of day camp (in the day) and vacation Bible school (in the evening), after which the five of us immediately climb onto a plane to Colorado FOR…

Eight days in the Rockies with my in-laws (who will be driving in our luggage from the Midwest).

And a week and half after that? Those in-laws are coming here (and bringing home those 80 stinky socks)

…wait…where am I again? Oh, yeah. Kentucky…

….HERE for our annual fourth of July bash.

So, you tell me: On Saturday, when I’m making last-minute trips to the drugstore. TJ Maxx, and/or Hell, what is the one thing I should make sure not to travel without?