One good dog

On the way home from the team roping tonight, my husband and I got to talking about some of the animals we’ve been fortunate to own. He’s so excited about the new colt we bought last year. Cisco is five years old this spring, and he’s quite possibly the nicest horse we’ve ever owned and that’s saying a lot. We’ve had many nice horses during our marriage.

The discussion brought to mind a quote from Doc on the old TV program, Gunsmoke. Every man is entitled to three things in life–one good dog, one good horse and one good woman. Here’s the link if you still watch Gunsmoke like I do.

It’s true. If you’re lucky enough to get one good dog, count yourself lucky indeed. We’ve had lots of dogs on the ranch, but Cindy, a red Australian Shepherd, was the best by far. She seemed to know what needed to be done before we asked her. And she was uncanny in her judgement of people. It’s been five years and I still miss her.cindy

We’ve trained barrel racing and team roping horses for years, and all horses are not created equal. You can make a nice horse out of almost any critter, but great horses are born, not made. Olive, aka Suzies Last Flight, was the best barrel horse I ever swung a leg over. She made me look like a better horseman than I was. Big Al was one of the toughest horses we ever trained. He was six years old when we bought him and had only been ridden a few times. By the time he was ten, he was one of the best head horses around.

01-19-2012 11;45;40AMBig Al

Now we have Cisco, or Mack’s Starlight on his papers, a pretty red dun gelding who is excelling in both barrel racing and team roping. Although he’s still young, he learns so fast and is extremely athletic. We both think he’s the nicest young horse we’ve ever had. Because we’ve made part of our living training horses, we’ve sold every good horse we’ve ever had. Finally we are at a point in our lives where we can keep the good ones. I’m keeping the horse and the man.


And now we come to the good woman part of the video. Guess who that is? We celebrated our forty-third anniversary this year. It hasn’t always been easy, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

I told my cowboy he’s the luckiest of all. With me on his side, he’s had all three.

Have you had a good dog, good horse or a good man or woman? Or have you been lucky enough, like me, to have all three?