Old Friends & Prayer Requests

As a writer, I have lots of “writer” friends, like the ladies here. We met because of our careers. However, outside writing, I have a group of ladies I want to tell you about. These are friends who have been with me through thick and thin.

Sandy MM and Carol LG and I have been friends since first grade. That’s right. As 6 y/o’s, we met and connect. Now 52 years later, we are STILL friends. It’s not like we went in and out of each other lives. We have NEVER not been together. Different colleges. Different towns. But we love each other. There was a fourth friend, Patti H. Patti died at age 18 of cystic fibrosis. I still miss her.

Then in the seventh grade, we picked up Judith SB, Leslie AR, Teresa HR, Shelia SG, Tansill S, Melissa KW, Susie WW, and Robin MM. Others floated in for a year or so but these are the core. And we are STILL together.

Nine of us live in Arkansas and once a month, we meet for dinner. I look forward to these nights SO much.

When I went for my doctorate, they cheered me on. When I decided to write, they encouraged me. When my first book came out, they may have been more excited than I was. Support and love from my gals…what more could I want?

I want your prayers. Judith SB is fitting cancer, stage 4. It’s serious and I pray for her daily. She chemo all fall. Yesterday she had a PET scan to look for more spots of cancer. Today, she’s having bone marrow biopsy. Fall’s bone marrow biopsy showed 60% cancer in her bone marrow, so prayers for a clean biopsy are needed. We won’t know results for a while.

I love these ladies. They hold my heart and soul. We need Judith. So please, offer up strong prayers and thoughts today.