Okay, So Probably Not Gluten

Maybe I DON'T have to say goodbye to cookies!

Maybe I DON’T have to say goodbye to cookies!

Back in March, I posted about the results of my highly non-scientific test to determine if I was gluten intolerant. I’d said that my doctor had done a celiac panel that was negative, so I felt a bit fraudulent because it didn’t seem as dire as it is for all of those to whom gluten is truly poison.

It turns out I’m an even bigger fraud than that!

Things got worse, gastrointestinally speaking, and I looked at my actual blood test more closely. I was furious and dismayed to find out that one of the tests was actually positive, while the other (less sensitive) test was negative. So I requested a GI referral, and proceeded to wait almost a full month until my appointment. I didn’t completely avoid gluten because I know testing requires you to be on it, but I did cut back. Didn’t seem to matter whether I ate it or not, though I know it takes a long time to be truly healed.

Then I had the appointment and described in excruciating, specific, gruesome detail exactly what has been happening, with plenty of backstory and setting details. The PA listened, asked tons of questions, took everything I said seriously, and guess what? She doesn’t think it’s celiac.

She thinks it’s endometriosis.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I left her office. LOL

With that new perspective, my symptoms strike me in a totally different way, and it has made me SO happy. It’s only speculation. I have to have an EGD and colonoscopy to rule out celiac and IBD anyway, and she referred me to a specialist in endometriosis. I can’t do either until next month, so I’m still in limbo. But it’s a far more hopeful limbo than before.

In the meantime, I feel like my body’s a car I took to the mechanic, because my symptoms have slowly eased up. I’m not complaining! But I hope they’ll figure out what’s going on, because of course, as with anything, not knowing is (almost) the hardest part.

Also in the meantime, I’ve gotten my writing mojo back. My life is far more balanced between my fiction and my freelance work. The stressful transition at the day job (new software) is gone, and family life is damned good. So all in all, I can’t complain!

What’s going on with YOUR life balance lately?