Okay life-I give up

The last two weeks have thrown a few curves at us. Not terrible in the whole scheme of things, but still. First my husband tore the tendon off the bone on his right elbow, necessitating surgery next Tuesday. Two weeks in a cast, three months of not lifting anything over three pounds and six months until he’s back to normal.

This would not be good in any situation, but the irrigation water just came into our canal, it’s a drought year and we can’t waste even a cupful of water. That leaves me to irrigate eighty acres.

On top of that, one of our cows had trouble calving and the calf has some problems. He eats like crazy, but he can’t stand and I’m not sure he’s smart enough to find his mother if he could. That leaves milking her twice a day and bottle-feeding little Duzy.


We’ve been hoping he’d gradually get better, but so far, he’s the same. He’s strong and throws me around when I feed him, but he can’t get any of his limbs coordinated. My husband milked his grandmother’s cows as a kid. So far, he’s done all the milking, but with only one arm. . .

On the plus side, I learned to milk a cow. If the apocalypse happens and any of you need milk, I’m your girl.woman-milking-a-cow-by-harry-h-buckwalter-1383877374_b

So this is going to be short, because after watching my littlest grandson today and going barrel racing tonight, I’ll be done in.

Never, ever complain about life being boring.

How’s your life going? Anyone else milking cows?