Oh Hai!




So, Harlequin Medicals just accepted book #4 last Monday and that was after two rounds of revisions.

I had a rough go with it, because I was writing at aย very stressful moment in my life. We thought my son’s hole in his heart reopened (it didn’t thank GOD) and my Mom’s cancer decided to rear it’s ugly head.

Yeah, I may not have been in the right mind set to turn in a book January 15th, but I did.


Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad. It just needed a couple rounds.

It was accepted and my brain just turned into fuzz and I CAN’T LET IT. My next deadline is April 15th.

I need to work stronger, harder, faster, longer.

It’s hard to do that when it seems my vocabulary lately consists of I can haz cheezburger kittehs.


I also, foolishly, gave up my vice. Diet Coke.

Which is GOOD for health reasons, but I’m a bit twitchy and that certainly isn’t helping with the concentration levels.


I’ve been replacing the caffeine levels with coffee and iced tea. Not diet, because it’s the aspartame I’m trying to kick from my system.

I can’t drink a lot of coffee or iced tea. And I should explain that iced tea in Canada is sweet. It’s not just cold tea like I’ve had in the States.

I have been drinking copious amounts of water, again which is good, but I miss my vice.


And that’s why it’s an addiction and a vice.


Anyways, I must up my productivity. I have to learn to kick my fuzz brain out faster so I can get back on the deadline train, so my question is, do you have any tips?

Help a poor kitteh out?