Of Whorehouses and Gambling Halls…

I am hoping to get this written and posted before the crappy Wi-Fi here at the motel gets overloaded and crashes again. The hubby and I are on one of our little mini-getaways and are here in Sparks, Nevada enjoying some peace and quiet. He is also eager to bet on the big Super Bowl game so we picked up a betting guide and took it to our room to study it.

I gave up finally. I am not a gambler. I figure if I’m going to give someone my hard-earned money I had better get something tangible in return! I did not know there were so many things you could bet on in one game. Obviously you can bet on the final outcome, but there is a plethora of other things during the game you can wager on as well. Which player will score the first touchdown. Which will score the last. Who will have more points in first quarter. First quarter vs second quarter–which will have more points? Which player will have most rushing yards. Which team will have most or least passing yards.  There are 14 pages of propositions that you can place a bet on!  We decided we would be better off going in and asking the bookie what we should bet on than try to decide for ourselves!

Today we are going to take a little tour of the world-famous Mustang Ranch. Yes, dear readers, I am going to a brothel. Call it research, call it curiosity, call it whatever you want but I have always wanted to visit the Mustang Ranch. It is a piece of Nevada history and I have always been a wee bit fascinated with it. The ranch itself was sold by the government a few years back–I think for tax issues–but the original building was taken down and moved a few miles down the road and reassembled and from what I have read it’s still quite something to see. If you Google Mustang Ranch you will be taken to their website and you can actually apply for a job there as a courtesan. Does that scream story line to anyone else or is that just me?! So I will be taking mental notes today since cameras aren’t allowed (for obvious reasons) but my brain is already churning with ideas,

I will let you all know how the gambling and the tour turn out. We are going to have lunch there–the website and reviews said the food was very good and the atmosphere was interesting. Instead of sports being on all the TVs in the bar there is soft porn instead…  I am waiting to see how much of the meal my husband actually consumes and if he will be looking at me during the meal or the TV monitors!!  I am a wicked person aren’t I?

Enjoy your weekend–I know I am looking forward to the next couple of days for sure!  And I am hoping the big game is as good as they predict and that the commercials aren’t the best thing of the day!