Now what day is it?

As newly retired people, we decided to take a couple of weeks and go to Arizona this January–Wickenburg to be exact. Wickenburg is the Team Roping Capital of the World, my husband’s idea of heaven. I wasn’t really excited to go. I was dreading the seventeen-hour drive with a camper and horse trailer. Lucky for me, my husband couldn’t find anyone else to travel with him, and I was forced to go.

Holy cow, am I glad.


This place is warm and beautiful, with an emphasis on warm. The cactus and the Joshua Trees, the mountains and the sunsets are mind-boggling. Everywhere you look, the scenery is amazing. The days run together because they are all the same, seventy–five degrees and sunny. Then there’s the nights.


My husband has roped almost every day the whole time we’ve been here, and I’ve started a colt on barrels.

And then there’s the Canadians! Most of the people in our camp are from Canada, and we’ve had more fun. If you’ve ever been around Canadians, you’ll know what I mean. I’m going to have to put Al-Anon on speed dial when I get home. They do know how to party.

This place has a party room right next to the arena, and they play live country music every night. I’ve discovered grapefruit vodka. It’s a good thing I’m old. I can only handle one drink a night.

Like I said, we allotted two weeks for the trip but then something happened.

I refused to leave.


Every time my husband said, It’s time to go home,

I answered, Why? And he agreed.

Well, we’ve been down her for five weeks and counting. We’ve been here so long, I lost track of the days. My internet is spotty, and I haven’t been able to check it regularly. This afternoon, when I opened my email, there was the notice to remind me to post my Friday blog. I panicked. It was Friday, and I’d forgotten to write the darn thing.

There was only one thing to do. I contacted the other writers on Everybody Needs A Little Romance and apologized. They kindly told me it was all right. They’d forgive me, especially since it was only Thursday. Like I said, it’s easy to lose track of the days down here in the Land of the Sun.

I finally broke down and agreed it was time to go home. The camper was loaded on the truck, and the little apartment we’ve stayed in was cleared out. We were paying the bill when a miracle happened.

A big storm is barreling down on Eastern Oregon and Northern Nevada. Friends and family called to tell us to stay until the roads clear up.

Bless the weather gods, we are staying!

We may be here until the temperature hits seventy at home.

Anyone else visit a warm area in the winter? I highly recommend it.