Not What I Expected

Just as the opening of Super Bowl 48 showed in the first few seconds of the game, things can change in the span of a heartbeat. football gameHopes, dreams, struggles, you name it and there is no way to know what’s coming just around the corner.

I’m sitting here watching the game and cringing as I try to figure out what’s going on with the Denver Broncos.  I thought this was going to be an exciting game. After the Texans meltdown, I was ready to see some great football. I’m not really rooting for one team over the other, but man I hate to see a team fall apart like this. It’s painful, I tell ya! And way too familiar! LOL

Not sure about some of the commercials I’ve seen so far either. Take the Chevrolet truck commercial with the cows for instance. A man, his truck, an eligible bachelor and some romance. Sounds like a great romance novel in the making, right? Nope.  I looked over at my teenagers hoping it went over their heads or that they were too caught up in their phones to notice. Not so lucky.  The sideways glance I got was another reminder that they are not so little anymore. Then there was the one about the Volkswagen engineer getting his wings. Um…. Try explaining that one to your son!  I guess anything goes now after the Grammy’s.

It’s halftime now and the Broncos are headig to the locker room still trying to figure out where their groove disappeared to, and I’m still hoping to see some of those great commercials like the ones from past Super Bowls.  So far the Doritos was kind of cute, but no where near as funny as last year. And the Coca-Cola, Hyundai were pretty good.

But for the most part, the rest of the commercials I’ve seen have left me trying to figure out what the heck they were trying to achieve.

Not sure how much more I can watch of the game at this point. :/

What about you? Did you watch the game? What were some of your favorite commercials?