Not The Typical Cowgirl

Most of the time when people think about roughstock events like Bull Riding or Saddle Bronc, they think about cowboys. After all, climbing on a four thousand pound bull, or getting bucked off face down by a twelve-hundred pound horse is a bit intimidating. However, there are women that compete in these events just like the men do.


One of those tough women is Kaila Mussell. As you can probably guess, Kaila is not your typical cowgirl. Then one of the cool thing about cowgirls is that they’re never very really fit a mold.

Kaila is the first woman to hold a PRCA Card in professional rodeo. PRCA Contestant Card member must first become a Permit Member and fill a permit by earning at least $1,000 at PRCA-sanctioned rodeos. So, the fact that Kaila holds a PRCA Card is no small feat.


As if being a Saddle Bronc rider isn’t tough enough, Kaila rode eventing horses as a child and did Trick Riding for a number of years. As a teenager, she power lifted. A few years back, she trained for mix martial arts fighting. She’s also a certified fitness trainer.


In 2014, Kaila broke her neck in two places riding a bronc at a smaller rodeo. Initially, being the tough gal that she is, she didn’t go to the hospital until over a day later. In the end, her C5, C6, and C7 and required surgery in November 2014.


This year, in true cowgirl style, Kaila is back riding Saddle Bronc and she’s stronger than ever. While she’s received some criticism for stepping back in the saddle after a severe injury, she’s not let it deter her from following her dreams.


Alyssa Barnes with Earn Your Spurs podcast recently did an interview with Kaila and talked about the difficulties she’s faced over the years in the sport of rodeo. You can listen to the interview on the Earn Your Spurs website.


If you’d like to keep up with Kaila, you can find her on Instagram and on Facebook. She’s always posting cool pics from her travels, and telling a little bit about her life as a rodeo cowgirl and certified Equine Sports Therapist.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sure looking forward to what this cowgirl has in store!