Not into Vampires . . . but

I have a group of friends that for our birthdays, it’s dinner and a movie. It makes turning a year older bearable, and I love our get-togethers. It was my birthday this month, and I had to choose the movie. There wasn’t much out, in my opinion, so, knowing these particular ladies are into fantasy, horror and paranormal, I said what the heck and selected Dracula Untold.

Ready to hide my eyes (yes I write suspense), we took our seats. And the film began, with the first scene a bit of backstory about a warrior who had been taken prisoner by the Turks, trained as a boy to fight, lose his emotions, and later grow up to be known as The Impaler. There followed a gruesome scene of a defeated enemy on stakes.

And then a particular character made the whole movie worthwhile. I read that Luke Evans Dracula-Untold-with-Luke-Evanswas in The Hobbit but it’s been a while since I’ve seen the film. But as the camera panned in to the actor who would tell the story of Dracula Untold, I settled back for some fantastic eye candy. All this besides, he was an outstanding charismatic Dracula. His acting was believable and he lit up the screen. As a matter of fact, to be fair, the whole cast did a credible job.

As writers we look for characters that inspire our writing. I read that Luke Evans is a Welsh actor. I know little more than that. Only that if he’s in an upcoming movie, picture me there.