After choosing that title, I realized that readers may bethinking in a totally different direction from where the blog is going.  I’m here to talk about exercise.

I LOVE an active life style, which makes being a writer difficult.  While I want to be out riding my bike, or walking, or weeding the garden, or just about anything else outside, I have to have my butt in a chair, using only my two-fingers (yeah, we’ve talked about my bad typing before) and my brain.  But in the afternoon, when all my work is done, I become a human dynamo.

I mentioned here before how much I adore Zumba–my most favorite form of exercise ever.  Dancing my way through that fried peach pie that I had for dessert at lunch never has been more fun.  I go to class three nights a week and hate to miss.

Lately, I’ve also been inspired my a tiny little object attached to my waistband called a Fitbit.  The thing is pure genius.  When I’m getting close to my 10,000 steps in a day, I touch it and it smiles at me, and it’s almost as thrilling as a smile from one of my grandkids.  Who  would have thought that this little gadget could push me to go outside at nine o’clock at night to get in those last 1500 steps that I didn’t have time for earlier?  Or make me march in place while I brush my teeth?

Our family has all friended each other on the Fitbit, and while I’m not a very competitive person, I hate seeing my name at the bottom of the leader board, which is where it will be today when our stats come out.

Why? you ask.

Because last Monday, I changed clothes and headed out-of-town, leaving my little precious attached to the waistband of the shorts I took off!


I was only credited with 186 for the entire day despite the fact that I did many more than that.

<sniff>  Okay, bring on the whip after all 🙁

So what inspires you to exercise–besides the scales?