Next year I’d like a quieter Christmas

With a large family, our holiday celebrations tend to be a bit rowdy. This year Christmas was . . . eventful.

The holidays started out great with our youngest son and his new bride in town for a week for the first time in years.

Our oldest son and his wife were expecting their third child on the twenty-first. Third child–piece of cake, right? My son’s birthday is the twenty-second, so he was hoping the baby would be a day late. To make a long story even more nerve-wracking, my DIL was in labor for a day and a half then had to have an emergency c-section. It seems Tucker Douglas wanted his own birthday. Both mom and baby boy are doing well now, but it was a scary few hours at the end.


With both of them in the hospital, everyone else met at Mom and Dad’s on Christmas Eve. This was the first time in over five years that all of their grandchildren were together and everyone, especially my mom who is the ultimate Christmas party animal, had a wonderful time.


Mom has been ill for several years, but she stayed up all day and enjoyed having her family around. The effort took its toll, and she had a terrible night. She didn’t end up in the hospital because she refused to go. Christmas day was quiet. We went in one by one and opened gifts with her and now she’s telling everyone it’s the best Christmas she’s ever had.

She has recovered as much as she’ll be able and is still telling us all what to do. This may be the last Christmas we all have together. I know it will be one we won’t ever forget.

As for New Year’s Eve, my husband and I were in bed by 8:30. Mom stayed up to watch the ball drop.

How were your holidays? Quiet or rowdy?