New Adventures…

Siordana Music LLC

So this happened…  I am officially a LLC. Unfortunately I am a LLC in the State of California which means before I have even made one dime I have fees to pay to the State and other entities, as well as I paid for the company to help me set the business up.

I have one official client, but as a representative for AT Records I have found two more artists for the label from word of mouth through friends at work. What was cool is the fact that the artists I recommended were from completely different genres–and I do mean complete opposite ends of the spectrum.  The first is a great heavy metal band that one of the guys from work has been the drummer and front man for the past several years. Well-established, they have a good following in the metal world–they have even had interviews with live radio stations as far away as Australia. I was very excited when Angelo told me they loved them and wanted to sign them to his label!! I got to deliver the news to my friend via Messenger–the smile on his face the next day at work was awesome!  They have been making music together for a lot of years and this is the first opportunity they have had to get their music out to the world. I think they are going to do some amazing things with our label.

The next artist I found was recommended to me from one of the women I work with. He is her next-door neighbor’s son and she told me he is very talented and makes music in the garage. She gave me a website to check out and I sat down at my computer the other day and had a listen.

Now I pretty much only listen to country music and old rock and roll–the stuff I grew up with still speaks to me and it’s what I love, but I can appreciate many genres and am open to learning about them. This kid does electronic music and I can tell you I was mesmerized! However, since I am not an expert on such things I sent the link on to my partner and asked him to have a listen. Turns out his producer loves this genre and I got a message from him later that day that they loved him and want him for the label!! Score!! My friend from work was so excited! I am now in the process of contacting the young man to see if he is interested in signing with the label and keeping my fingers crossed that he says yes…

I created Siordana Music so that I can represent artists and manage them as needed, but also to complement AT Records, the label I am representing here in America. After chatting with Angelo, the CEO of the label and a young man I am proud to call my friend, he asked if I could handle the contract signings for them here as well. Basically he will send me the contracts and I can get them signed and then scan them to him for his records. After our conversation I sat down and had a little talk with myself. This is becoming VERY real! And as I look over tax forms and contracts and other things required of a business I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

I have NEVER taken a business class in my life. I know absolutely NOTHING about running my own business nor have I a clue about all the things required of me.I have a company I am going through that will help me with some of the stuff, but fortunately I am married to a guy who is pretty savvy about these things himself and is walking me through it all.  If the label takes off the way I think it will I will be set financially and may be able to cut back on my hours at work.

The fact that I absolutely LOVE what I am doing is just a bonus. I cannot tell you how great it feels to look someone in the eye and tell them that their dream of becoming a star has been taken one step closer to reality.  Being offered a chance to sign with a record label is not a guarantee of stardom but it gives an artist the chance of being heard by a much larger audience than they have had up to that point. Promotion is key to success, and that is where the label comes in. They have several different contracts available depending on how much the artist wants them to do–full promotion, limited production, single track, etc. I will be responsible now for signing anyone they want in America. I get to present the contract to them and help them choose the right level of representation and I can also give them the option of having Siordana Music manage their career.  Either way I am having a blast!

Obviously I am hoping this new career I am working on will take off and I can quit driving bus and concentrate on making dreams come true instead. Every band or artist I sign has the opportunity to become a star. I get to listen to music and decide if what I am hearing has any commercial value and if they will fit into AT Records family of musicians.  And if we are really lucky, one or more of these artist will make it to the top and we can say “I helped do that–we gave them that chance!”!  How cool is that?!

So here I go. I am off and running, learning the business on the fly and trying to stay ahead of the game.  So far I am three for three with my recommendations. I’m going to tell Angelo I should get a finder’s fee!!  I have some phone calls to make today and I hope to go meet the young man who makes the electronic music this weekend some time so we can discuss his options and why he should sign with AT Records.  If nothing else I am persuasive if I believe in something, and I believe in Angelo and what he has accomplished.

Nothing but good times ahead…