Need to Read…

I am friends with Bob Mayer on Facebook and have read and reviewed several books for him over the past couple of years. Recently he published a new one–in fact it just came out a couple of days ago–and he put up an invitation on Facebook for anyone who commented on the post he would choose a few random comments and send them an ARC of his newest book to read and review for him. It is one from his newest series about history and time travel and of course I had to make a comment–and got chosen.

It occurred to me after I committed myself to this that I have had very little time to read. In fact, I can’t even tell you what the last book was that I read or when I read it! Also–these books are hard to review without giving away the entire plot. Bob is an amazing writer but his books start out very complex and full of information. Also, since he is ex-Green Beret, he uses a lot of military terms that quite frankly often throw me out of the story because I have to stop reading and Google what it means.  I did mention to him in one review –in a side note only to him–that it would be amazingly helpful if he could include a glossary for all the terms he uses so his readers who have no military back ground can keep  up.

But the fact that I have not picked up a book to read in how many months has caused me to take a moment and consider how that can be possible. I just recently received a settlement payment from I think Apple –they charged too much for e-books or some such a thing–and I have almost $30 to spend at B&N. And I have not spent it yet.

I am sure that a large part of it is the fact that i spend my spare time playing a game on the internet and chatting with the people I play with on LINE chat. I have become a big player in the game and so I have a lot of responsibilities plus I have my own end-game plans that I am working on as well. I’ve played the game for over a year and a half and have built up a reputation as a trustworthy leader and have made friends with the most powerful players in the game. I thoroughly enjoy the game and several of the people I have become friends with i can say will be life-long friends.

But because of the game I find that I don’t have time for reading. So today I am going to sit down and read. I am at an impasse on the game today–I can’t do much until tonight when we have a war planned–so I am going to find a quiet corner and dive into this book. I am also going to keep a notepad near me so I can scribble notes to myself as I read so I can give Bob a great review.

What do you find keeps you from reading? Or does anything stop you? How do you make time to get to that huge TBR pile? By the way, if anyone is interested, I believe I have a review of one of Bob’s books–either Lost Girls or Bodyguard of Lies–in my archives.  Still my favorite books he has written and the man is a prolific writer!

Ok off to read–have a great weekend!