Necessary Indulgences

Last week I did something I’ve NEVER done: I abandoned my family for a quickie trip to Florida, a three-day (really two-day) cruise with a day in the Bahamas.

Oh, sure, I’ve run off before–but that’s been for conferences. That’s been for work. This was the first time I said, “Momma’s had enough!” and lit out.

And you know what? I’m totally putting the money for this in the 2015 budget. Taking a page from my own mother’s book, I plan to spend some part of the post-holiday doldrums lying on a beach somewhere. Anywhere. Anywhere with a real beach, or a really, really good virtual-reality beach.

I swear when that plane touched down in Florida, I could feel the sun soak right through my skin and into my foggy brains.

Would I take THIS trip again? Probably not. While my day on Grand Bahama was everything you’d want it to be, I was less-than-thrilled with the cheapie cruise (let’s just say we got what we paid for). West Palm Beach is a nice little town, but not enough to draw me back.

But whether it’s Carabelle, Florida or Padre Island full of drunk teens I hardly care. I’ll take anything, any beach at all.

What are you necessary “indulgences” that keep you sane and those around you alive?