My World in Upheaval

fullfusionfinalI am away from the computer today! And almost forgot to prep this post! Which would have sucked, because how can I be smug about never forgetting to post on my day if I forget?

Oh, wait. I’ve forgotten before. Never mind.

Anyway, my world is in upheaval. Usually it’s just stressful because of day to day busy-ness and fluctuating workloads and stuff. But it’s really rocking to pieces right now.

First, I’m getting ready to put my YA, Full Fusion, into print. And that’s been fun, let me tell you! Finding time has been the main problem, but when I had everything ready for my cover artist to design the print cover, my timing sucked. She was just about to leave Montana to drive cross country to Massachusetts, had sucky wifi, and had a file too big for e-mail. She heroically got the file to me, but it was too big for CreateSpace, so I’m working on an alternate solution because I need these books in advance of a book club event at a local bookstore that I’ve been invited to participate in.


That’s upheaval, right there! Not only did I get selected to be read at a YA book club, but they also selected Under the Moon for their urban fantasy book club in September! Yikes!

I’ve taken on a new freelance assignment that’s right up my alley, keeping people organized, attention to detail, la la la. Except it’s about tripled my workload, or at least feels like it. Things will settle. Eventually. After this weekend shreds the little bit of routine we’ve developed so far, that is.

Because I just had surgery, too!

Well, not when I wrote this. I was about to go in tomorrow, which was yesterday, and no doubt today I’m sticking to my bed watching Parks & Recreation on DVD or sleeping or reading or moaning and wishing I’d gotten that Oxy prescription filled…

My surgery isn’t as big as Cynthia’s. I’m having/had a diagnostic laparoscopy to see if I have endometriosis. Kind of late in life to discover (I”m 43) and my symptoms are not what you typically think of with that condition, but apparently they’re textbook for women “like me.” So we’ll see. Or we saw. Or whatever. This time thing is weird. But I’ll be restricted for bending and lifting and cleaning and stuff for about a month, which kinda sucks, except for the part where I don’t have to move heavy boxes to get Number One back to college. 🙂

Which we do in two weeks!

The other big thing is that I’m finally getting a new car. My 16-year-old Corolla needs four major repairs that amount to over $4000, so we decided it’s time to move on. I’m excited, but the time and effort to research and test drive and all that is more upheaval. Plus school starts for Number Two on Monday, and at my day job, one very important employee has resigned, so we’re rearranging everyone else’s schedules and duties to deal with it, and ugh. That’s exhausting.

I’m kind of glad I’m having surgery. I need a couple of days to just lie around a bit! LOL

How’s your world looking? Smooth sailing, or big changes afoot?