My Upcoming Work Indulgence

Natalie's Beach, Misquamicut, RI

Where I want to be RIGHT NOW.

I didn’t think I had any topics for today. Then I had two. One was all about a huge aggravation. It included venting, complaining, and whining, but it also had an amusing relatable moment and a mostly happy ending (it works, but it was supposed to be blue, not ugly orange and gray šŸ™ ).

But the other topic is something I’m excited about, and that’s a MUCH better topic, right? šŸ™‚

I couldn’t go to RWA this year (Romance Writers of America‘s national conference, for those of you who might be casual/drive-by blog readers). It’s been several years, and it’s always depressing. ButĀ in October I’m FINALLY attending the New Jersey Romance Writers Put Your Heart in a Book conference!

I live three hours away, I’veĀ been a member of RWA for almost 20 years, and about a third of my chapter goes to NJRW every year. But I never have. Weird, right? I often had strong intent. And then I’d get the flier, and none of the speakers excited me. Or even if I saw some workshops I wanted to attend and people IĀ wanted to meet, I had to use the money for something else. So it just never happened.

This year, I enteredĀ Hearts Under SiegeĀ andĀ Heavy Metal in the Golden Leaf, theirĀ published bookĀ contest. Finalists aren’t announced until September, but the early registration rate ends August 1, so I decided to be optimistic. Even if I don’t final, I’ll have some solid expenses for my taxes, I’ll learn something, I’ll meet booksellers and sell books at the Literacy Signing, and hopefully I’ll get to meet someĀ authors and readers I know online but haven’t met. It’s no lose!

But wait, there’s more!

See the picture to the left? That’s my beach. The state beach in Misquamicut, Rhode Island, which hasn’t changed a grain since I was a kid. I swung by last September on a rainy Sunday morning, but could only snap a few pictures before I had to get on the road. I miss the beach and the ocean desperately. I’ve been wanting to make a trip for years. I did get aĀ little beach time a couple of years ago when we went on a family vacation to Orlando, but my kids don’t really like the beach so it just wasn’t the same. So onĀ the day after the conference, I’m driving a little further, to the coast, and spending Sunday and Monday in a hotel on the beach.

I looked at hotels near the beach, but I’ve been working hard this month and have earned enough to cover a nice hotelĀ on the beach. It’s October, so the rates are much better! And I splurged just a little for a full ocean view. It has a balcony, a great desk, and a giant, cushy bed. I’ve asked for early check-in. I hope I can get it, because I really want to maximize every minute. Beach walking, sitting in a beach chair reading and writing, and then sitting on the balcony or in the bedroom, with the soothing ocean rush as my inspiration.

Is it October yet?

Part of what’s driving me is probably my mom. Many of my happiest childhood memories are of the beach.Ā She had stationery that said “Terie, happiest by the sea.”Ā It recharged her, and when life got problematic, she escaped a couple of times to Rhode Island to take a few days by herself. I have no problems that I need escape from, but I do need the ocean, and I do need time alone.

What’s your go-to spot or activity when you’re feeling desperate for no good reason?