My superhero obsession

I have a confession to make. I never outgrew my childhood. I am a cartoon and superhero fanatic. What reacquainted me with this obsession was when CBS announced they were bringing Supergirl to Monday nights. For the record, I have yet to miss an episode, and I’ll admit to watching the first show more than once. I’m so impressed with the entire cast, how they’ve made National City as real as Metropolis, and that Kara Zor-el is an aspiring writer (but for now she fetches coffee and runs errands) just like her superhero cousin, Clark Kent.Supergirl_1920x1080_586896_640x360

I also love that the producers didn’t try to update it or make it politically correct and call her “Superwoman.” Calista Flockhart who plays Cat Grant, Kara’s boss explains the brand “Supergirl” perfectly, saying words to the effect, I’m a girl, I’m hot, I’m rich, and powerful, so what’s wrong with being a girl? My thoughts exactly! I also love that Melissa Benoist wants to be a positive influence on girls.

There is something that’s bothering me, though, and doesn’t exactly ring true about the whole Supergirl series–and Superman–for that matter. I’ve always wondered when they’re called to save the day, they run down the alley, rip open their shirts revealing the “S”, what happens to their clothes?

Just sayin’, if they expect me to suspend my disbelief, I’d like an explanation.

Confession over.