My Secret Wish

IMG_1864 A business has recently opened my town that has given new life to my secret wish for talent in another artistic realm…painting. (Okay, now that I’ve told you, I guess it isn’t a secret anymore.) Yes, I have long wished I could paint beautiful landscapes or heartwarming still life. My grandmother and great-grandmother both were hobby painters, and I own a few of their pieces. So maybe the desire to paint is genetic. But I’ve kept this secret desire under wraps for years, quieting that longing by telling myself I didn’t have the time, the money, the space in my house to pick up a new hobby.

Anyway, the business, called Painting with a Twist, allows novice painter wannabes to attend a class with friends for a nominal fee and create fun, simple masterpieces that you can take home when you are finished. I’ve been twice and had fun both times, but… it was rather clear I need lots of practice before any of my art will be anywhere other than hidden in my closet! (Yes the two pictures here are my Louisiana Cross and my Christmas Monogram paintings)Β However, the two times I’ve been there with groups of ladies from my church were enough to wake the sleeping monster in me. You have an empty nest now, the little voice in me has said. What better time to foster a new hobby? I even went as far as acquiring a couple of blank canvasses…just in case I wanted to dabble in my spare time. (Spare time? What is that?)IMG_1863
The thing is, I can’t help but believe that whether I think I’m good at it or not, giving any and all forms of creative expression that gurgle up in me room to grow can only feed my writing muse. I’ve long known that listening to music stirs my creative juices and inspires scenes faster than staring at a blank computer screen. So why wouldn’t dabbling in paint be a possible new venue for my muse to work?
How about you? If you could do anything, artistic or not, that you aren’t currently doing, what would it be? Yoga? Taking a class in Chinese? Mountain climbing? Sculpting?
What is holding you back from pursuing that desire?