My Second Favorite Month

Natalie's workstationMay is my second favorite month of the year, and I am SO excited that it’s almost here.

First, because maybe the weather will finally hold. Today is lovely, but still chilly. I’ll take rain if it comes with a few more degrees.

Next week, we go pick up Number One from college. It will be nice to have her back. And yes, I can’t believe her freshman year is over!

May is when the City Islanders (local soccer) season truly kicks off. We’ve had one game, but they’re on a road trip until the end of next week. We have several home games in May, actually, though I have to miss two of them. Still, they’re shown online, so I don’t have to miss out completely.

Then comes Mother’s Day. I get to do no chores and order my family to clean and change the litter boxes for one of the only two times they do it all year (the other is my birthday; all the other times *I* do it). Meals are my choice, and I usually pick a movie that I either drag them to or attend by myself. If the weather’s good, we might do something outside, and I always write. That weekend is also the NFL draft. I miss footballΒ so much. I don’t watch the whole draft, but I peek in from time to time. It used to be this weekend, but they shifted it a few weeks later. Two years ago I had to stay home with a migraine while my husband took Number One on a college visit, and I laid in bed for hours with the draft on TV. It really got me through! LOL

And THEN. The big weekend. My annual writer’s retreat! This is the 11th year we’ve done it, and I haven’t missed a single one. We go to a conference center out in the boondocks of Pennsylvania for almost four days. No cooking, cleaning up, lists of things that we just have to do before writing time… I get my own room, and there are a multitude of great places to write. The spot above is my favorite. This is the view it has:

Natalie's view

Unfortunately, my laptop has to be plugged in and there’s no outlet outside. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to find a way to buy a new laptop…

I always get like two months’ worth of writing done in three days while on retreat, and it’s interspersed with games, parties, and hilarity with some of my best friends.

And finally, we end the month with Memorial Day, the first day off work since January, a freaking long, dark dry spell, if you ask me. πŸ™‚

What are you looking forward to in May?