My Random Summer, With Pictures

My “summer” has so far mostly consisted of work. Work work work work work. I quit my day job to freelance full time and the flexibility is great, kind of. I’m getting to the gym more often…until I panic about the work sitting in my inbox and skip it four days in a row. My client is three hours behind me, so by the time I catch up on the stuff I received at 11:00 the previous night, he’s up and sending me new stuff. But I’m not complaining! Job security! 🙂

So I decided to pull my most recent photos and lo, I’ve actually done some non-work stuff this summer. So let’s take a stroll…


I’ve reissued the Brook Hollow Trilogy! That was exciting, because I exercised patience and did all the revision, formatting, and covers, then uploaded them all for preorder and scheduled their releases. I’m giving all my income on Kira’s Best Friend to hospice charities that helped my mom and my stepmom (and families) when they were dying of cancer. Brianna’s Navy SEAL releases soon!

1433872230124This is my favorite iris. I got some from a neighbor years and years ago, and I planted them in too much shade, so they don’t give me that many blooms. I usually get one of these; the rest are pale purple. But I got three of this one this year, and it was so gorgeous I had to bring it inside.


IMG_20150607_175809701I went with a couple of friends to roller derby. The local team has a home match every two months between April and November, and we get to about half of them. They got SLAUGHTERED. But I took this for a friend, who is interested in joining the team. I just know she’d elevate their game!




This is Number One’s back. She went to the lake and put on sunscreen but was alone so she couldn’t reach the center of her back. What coast does this look like? 🙂

IMG_20150612_182946308I’d heard a bit about Blue Apron from a blogger I read sometimes, and decided to try it. This was our first meal. They send us two meals for four every Wednesday, and include everything we need except olive oil, salt, and pepper. The best thing is that we can try new stuff. No, that’s the second best thing. The best thing is that Number One cooks it all! Number Two usually ends up helping. 🙂 This week we have sweet soy chicken with broccoli fried rice, and calzones with salad. Yum.

IMG_20150616_082744396Fricking birds.

I love birds, but these have tested my patience this summer. Mama had THREE clutches and the third took for freaking ever to hatch. We’ve been having the World Cup of Rainstorms (a more stupendous one every couple of days, as if in competition) and the gutters were clogged with something, but we couldn’t get to them because our ladder was occupied. Turns out one downspout had a maple tree growing in it and the back gutter had a…wait for it…bird’s nest blocking it. So the overwhelming rain seeped into my office and soaked my carpet. Twice.


BG started hanging out with me yesterday. She finally discovered the chipmunk who lives right outside my office window. She spent hours today watching it. It, and the fledgling morning doves who are now as big as their parents but who still need to be gullet-fed. They are the entitled millenials of the bird world.

So what random stuff have you been up to this summer? Share some pictures in the comments!