My Personal Technology Addiction Roller Coaster

IMG_20150121_193604612This is Remington. The thing in my day-to-day life that I really cannot live without. And almost had to.

I had an iPod Photo, originally. Over a decade ago! I discovered Podcasts then. Pottercast (Harry Potter), Can’t Stop the Signal (Firefly/Serenity). Lord of the Rings. Stuff I was passionate about and needed more of. I listened to audiobooks on it, too. When the battery died a second time, I upgraded to the iPod Classic. When that was stolen from the bottom of my bag in my Marriott hotel room in NYC a few years ago, the night of the RITA/Golden Heart awards…well, what followed was the hardest five months of my life.

Radio really sucks in central PA.

I got an iPod Touch for my birthday that December, and won’t rhapsodize about all the ways I use it. The one feature that keeps me sane is the podcasts. Primarily PFW in Progress, which is a talk show about the New England Patriots. (I know. Football and geek TV/movies. Quite a combination!) I listen on my commute to/from work, and while doing housework, and while exercising. When football season is over, I usually listen to the Harry Potter books all over again. I did it like 7 years in a row, only skipping last year. I plan to do it again this year, after the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

A couple of years ago, the iPod charging cable got caught and yanked the iPod out of my hand. It hit the gearshift and shattered the screen. I had to replace it with a refurbished model, which has been a bit glitchy but was manageable. Until a few weeks ago, when the earbud cable got stuck (sensing a theme here?) and the iPod shot out of my hand and landed in the cat’s water fountain.


So now the power button doesn’t work and the up volume button is dead, but otherwise it’s fine. I was a little frustrated because my Pocket app started crashing, and I can’t restart (turn it off and on) to reset it because the power button doesn’t work. I tried running it down to zero battery (it restarts itself once you plug in), but that didn’t work. This morning, it wouldn’t connect to wifi. Any wifi.

I can’t update the podcasts if I can’t connect to wifi!

So I went to the settings and reset it. Except that shut it off. And it wouldn’t come back on. Because, you know, the power button doesn’t work.


I could go get a replacement again, if they’re still offering the gen 4 model for $99. But I’d have to go to an Apple store almost two hours away, and it would cost me $99, which I can’t budget until next month. Four weeks with no podcasts?! During Super Bowl week?!!!???

I’d rather be shut in an insane asylum.

I was sitting at work wondering why I had this heavy pit of anxiety in my gut, and then remembered the iPod. *sob*

When I got home, I connected it to the USB cable at my computer, and OMGwouldyoubelieveit, it started up!

And all was right with the world again. As a plus, some of the glitchy stuff improved a bit. The home button works after only 5 attempts now, instead of taking 22 (and three on/off cycles of Voice Control). Pocket still keeps crashing though. But that’s okay.

What is your technology crack?