My need for reading.

Yes February is almost here and yes, I am going to talk about goals again. The fun thing about goals is they can be anything. A task to complete—or fun to be had.

Maybe you want to write your first novel or perhaps bungee jump this year.

When I had all my writing goals set, I took a look back at 2013 and considered the things I missed.

READING slammed to the top of the list so fast. Crazy right? I’m an author. I love to read. You’d think authors read every day.

You’d be wrong.

I can easily (seriously easily) work twelve hours a day. EASY. On days when I’m chasing a deadline? Pfft. Twelve hours is a cake walk. There have been many times when I sit to work at the computer nearly round the clock. An average day can be writing 4-5 hours, eating (while at the computer), writing for 3-4more hours, sleeping for 2 or so hours, coffee, more writing, more eating, more coffee, more sleep/napping, more writing, and so on the cycle goes until it’s been 24 hours. Then 48 hours. And suddenly I’m 5 days through a week living this rotation and we’re not even going to discuss what happens to personal hygiene or what slowly becomes normal for a “meal”.

The sweet untalked about dark side of an author’s life. While some authors still manage to read every day, a lot of us don’t.

So yeah, with all that taking over your life, reading doesn’t happen as well.

When 2014 started, I said, “I’m going to read more.” And I have! We’re at the end of January and I’ve already read more this year than all of last year.

And you know what? It’s good in so many ways. My writing progress isn’t down. If anything—it’s up! Reading is inspiring. You finish a book and you want to jump on the computer and pound out words to get yours done.

Mentally? Oh my goodness. I didn’t realize how much happier reading made me. Getting to escape everything I’m supposed to do has been an unexpected gold mine of stress-reliever.

Anyone make any hobby-related goals? And how is your reading going?

And I can’t end this post without giving a book suggestion–

Rough Ride

Available from: Amazon | B&N | ARe | iBookstore | Kobo

You do for family, no matter what. Lane Iverson knows that better than anyone. Harboring a secret about his mother’s death, Lane is counting the days until he finishes helping his brothers with some work and can head back to his hiding hole hours away. As long as he doesn’t have to face his three brothers every day, the guilt is easier to carry.

There is only one thing that can risk his plan. She stands all of five foot tall with these deep eyes and a voice that shudders through him. The completely addicting, Gretchen Jones. She’s been watching him the entire time he’s been in town. With courage from her friends behind her, she confronts what she wants. To her surprise, that’s the easy part. Keeping her heart protected when she knows he’ll be leaving? Not so easy, but her only choice.