My bad.

I remembered my blog this morning on the way to the gym. when I left the gym…well, that’s all a bit blurry with the sweat in my eyes in everything. But, I’m here! so completely late, but here! and because I’m late and out of ideas, I’m going to talk about what I’ve been flooding my facebook and twitter followers with.


Specifically, my kid’s love for math.

*sigh* I don’t even know how to process the very idea of enjoying math. Clearly, these are not my genes at work. It’s all the husband here.

6+5 = ____. give me some blocks, fingers, candy to count or something and I’m your girl all day long. In fact, that’s what son was taught at school. That’s not what he’s doing.

He’s obsessed with doubles and subtracting off and adding on and whatever to solve the answer. I had to explain decimals and fractions to my 6 year old yesterday because he wanted to know why 5+5 was 10, but 6+6 wasn’t 11. bring on the 5.5 + 5.5. Did I mention math is my worst subject? I’m struggling to catch up and learn how he thinks just so I can help him work simple, single digit numbers. I’m getting a grasp and he’s already doing double-digit minus/plus a single digit.

I’ll be honest. I’m equally cracked up, impressed and confused watching him do math in his head. He looks up a little, stares off like he’s zoned out on you then blinks and spits out the answer. 98% of the time, it’s the right answer. if it’s the wrong answer, he’s one number off and he gets it the second time. As my mom said yesterday, I just can’t believe he doesn’t ever look at his fingers or lift them up.

t’s all in his head sorting through and thinking, 6+6 is 12, so it’s 11. or 5+5 is 10, so it’s 11. This is how the husband does it. No one taught the Kid this. He just figured it out on his own.

He’s doing the same math work at home that I find for him that his cousin one grade up is doing right now. He’s already seen the money and fractions worksheets I found and he’s excited about those(seriously. at this age, I was excited for candy and recess). Once his teacher found out how he thinks, she started thankfully swapping out some of the standard coloring sheets the rest of the class is getting and supplementing him with extra math to keep him interested. For weeks we’ve had trouble with him refusing to do work. he’s missed recess, activity time–even some art classes!–because he didn’t want to do the normal worksheets. this was 3 and 4 times a week. We thought end of the year restlessness and he was burned out. he graduates Kindergarten next week. Nope. He got extra math sheets over coloring a dinosaur (I know, right? give me the darn dinosaur!) and he hasn’t gotten in trouble since for not finishing classwork.

I’ve been on the hunt the last few days trying to find more sheets to give him over the summer. While doing all this googling, it’s been interesting to come across other parents who’ve been in this spot before and are talking about their kids. I’m seeing a lot of similarities between what other parents are describing in their kids and what I’m seeing in my own.

I remember his preschool teacher saying he often lost focus and would gaze off. I saw it a lot too while we would talk. Seeing him work math with his “gaze off” face and reading a lot about gifted and talented teachers say students will “gaze off” and you think you’ve lost their attention, but instead they’re already ahead of you and figuring out how to apply what you’ve just told them to their everyday life. And oh my gosh *light bulb*. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve explained something to the kid and he replies with “So like, if *insert situation here*”.

I guess on the upside, Son isn’t long from passing me up in math skills, so all this help will fall directly in the husband’s lap. 🙂 Have your kids, family, friends, or pets ever taken you by surprise with unexpected things they can do?

If you’ve got a young one, I found these worksheets today and I really like them. they cover from Kindergarten-5th. Two worksheets per lesson. maybe 8 questions on each lesson. that’s it.