When I was nine, I took piano lessons for six months.  My teacher was a crabby old woman and I was so shy I’d hide behind my finger.  Needless to say, it didn’t work out.

Now I love music, and I always regretted that I didn’t give the piano another go.  Adulthood came, marriage and parenthood, career.   The right time for those lessons–or the necessary practice time that would go with them–never came along.

And then, one monumental day, I read in the newspaper that our local college was hosting Scott Houston and his “Learn to Play the Piano in One Day” Seminar.  I wheedled, my husband gave in, we attended, and came home with a starter book.

The next day, I sat down at the piano and gave it a try.  I could already read music.  Did I mention I played the violin for 3 years?  Not well, mind you, but I played.  Well, Mr. Houston had explained how, if you can read the melody line and play it with your right hand, you can chord with your left hand and PLAY THE PIANO.

I was amazed!  His method worked for me beautifully.

It was fun.  It was easy.  It was exactly the method my aging brain needed since I couldn’t begin to read three notes for my left hand and three notes for my right hand and put them together with any semblance of rhythm.  But something clicked with his method, and the door unlocked for me.

I bought fake books … lots of fake books.  Classical fakebooks, Rodgers and Hammerstein fakebooks, Holiday fakebooks, Broadway favorites fakebooks, and general fakebooks that have 1500 songs of favorites from across the decades.

Playing the piano is one of my favorite things to do.  I’m not good enough to play for other people–except my huband (who put a door on the living room so he can shut out the sound).  But I play well enough for me.  Every morning, I get up and fix myself a cup of coffee and head straight for the piano where I spend the next half-hour in sheer bliss.

Now if I could just find a “Learn to Play the Guitar in One Day” Seminar, I could die happy!

So what’s something you love to do that you didn’t learn to do until adulthood?