Murphy’s Law

For all those times when Fate seems to go out of its way to make your life hell, now you know who to call:


Seriously. This is the ad on the back of one of our phone books, and yes I am a twelve year old at heart so I do snicker every time I see it. And of course it loaded sideways and won’t rotate because what else would you expect from Murphy(‘s) Law?

With the advent of the internet, there is most certainly an addendum to good ol’ Murphy’s rules that says, “Your WiFi shall evaporate into the ether whenever you schedule a book promo. Or have something sort of important to get back to your editor with a hard and fast deadline. Like, say, the final galleys for your book with those four or five really important errors you discovered.”

Luckily my internet was revived in time to get the galleys back to my editor (I hope) and for me to show up here and do a little shameless pimping. Because–gasp!–Samhain Publishing apparently intends to go through with this thing and has put my book up for pre-order:


The Long Ride Home. There’s even an excerpt!








And as some of you may have seen on Tuesday, Fiona Lowe and I are celebrating my pre-order status and her release by co-sponsoring a giveaway of a bunch of made in Montana delicacies. Rather than reposting the whole thing, I’ll just make your mouth water with the photo and give you a link to Fiona’s post:

Huckleberry graphic

And Canadian friends, take heart! You are included in this giveaway, since the nearest Alberta post office is only a couple of miles from my kid’s bus stop and sending you a prize package gives me an excuse to swing by and get a Coffee Crisp fix. See all the rules here.

Now I’m off to chat with one of the Murphy’s about why, once again, I have come down with a cold right before we leave on vacation. There has got to be a law against this.

Kari Lynn Dell

The Long Ride Home due from Samhain Publishing Feb. 3, 2014